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Club Overall Championships 2017

Results So Far Men Ladies

Listed below are the races for the 2017 overall club champs.

For all categories, men's, ladies and vets, it is your best 10 races to count, and you must include at least one race from each of the three categories to complete the series.

The points system is as follows: 30 points for 1st down to 1 point for 30th.

15/04/17 Rivington Pike
20/05/17 Buttermere Sailbeck
28/06/17 Eddie's Revenge
18/11/17 Tour of Pendle
23/04/17 Bolton 10k
14/06/17 Horwich Jubilee 5
02/08/17 Astley Park
03/09/17 Salford 10k
Cross Country
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tba Manchester XC League 4