Downhill Race

Downhill Race

The annual Downhill Race took place in its usual location, on 15th September, this year a week after the Horwich beer feastival. This did unsure that all runners, marshals and supporters had no excuse after the race but to go home, as it is a school night!

As start time got nearer the merry band of runners reached a grand total of 11 participants with a wonderful spread of ages (junior men to vet 60) but all of the same gender, male.

First off was race organiser Ali closely followed, well 30 seconds later, by Andy F. “I’ll never catch him” said Andy as Ali disappeared into the distance on a quite misty evening – he did but then…… see later…….

Once all 11 had been set off successfully the time keepers, spare time keepers and supporter all jumped into and onto their mode of transport down to the RMI club. There were cars and bikes – no one sat on the roof…..

First back was Ali in 20.02 and even though he was first back, others could beat his time, so no time yet to celebrate. On the running clock Gary Chadderton was next back in 23.11, Doug Fleming 24.22, Andy Ford 26.27, Dan G 26.33, Albert Sunter 27.04, Tony Hesketh 28.13, Mark Swindell 29.01, Ian Charters 33.00 and then we had a gap. There were two runners still out, the weather was still ok but it was getting darker and our junior Sam W didn’t know the route!!!! Steve Botrill had done the race before. After a nervous wait by Sam’s mum, up he ran from Horwich town centre to finish with a time of 36.00 with Steve B completing the set in 39.55.

All back, no one lost or injured (Steve B did manage to get in a bog up to his shorts) but that just let the presentation. After some time subtractions (no possible on a calculator) Ali had the quickest tine of 20.02 with Gary C doing 21.41 and Albert S 22.04.

Thanks to all who made it possible.

Results below.

Starting order Start Time Finish time Name Cat Running Time
Ali 0.00 20.02 1 Ali 1st Vet 40 20.02
Andy 0.30 26.27 2 Gary 1st Vet 50 21.41
Doug 1.00 24.22 3 Albert 1st Vet 55 22.04
Gary 1.30 23.11 4 Doug 2nd Vet 55 23.22
Sam 2.00 36.00 5 Dan 2nd Vet 40 23.33
Tony 2.30 28.13 6 Mark 1st Vet 45 25.01
Dan 3.00 26.33 7 Tony 1st Vet 65 25.43
Ian 3.30 33.00 8 Andy 1st Sen 25.57
Mark 4.00 29.01 9 Ian 1st Vet 60 29.30
Steve 4.30 39.55 10 Sam 1st Jun 34.00
Albert 5.00 27.04 11 Steve 3rd Vet 55 35.05

I should add here that whilst Albert, Tony and Ali all had Garmin distances of 3.22m, Andy F did an incredible 4.03m so takes the ‘value for money’ prize.
Peter Ramsdale

Fleming Trophy

Fleming Trophy 2016

Fleming Trophy Handicap Race 25th April 2016 at 7.00 p.m for U/8 up to U/16 from Bolton Arena.

This is a 2k race with runners setting off at intervals with the faster runners going last.

Entry fee is £2 and all finishers are awarded a Medal. There are prizes to the first three finishers and awards to the fastest Boy and Girl.

To enter contact Tony or Brenda Hesketh with recent time for a race and entry fee.

Entry Limit is 35 so enter early.

Prediction Race

Prediction Race 30th December 2015

Despite the bad weather 16 Horwich juniors braved the elements to run a 2k course just below the Pigeon Tower.

Runners had to predict what time they would record with the nearest winning a prize. Lewis Wilkes won the race in a brilliant time of 8.14 and was second in the predictions with Theo Middleton guessing to within 4 seconds taking the prize for nearest. U/11 star Cian Healy was second finisher in 8.38 after a typical gutsy run and was third in the predictions.

In the girls race Ella Pendlebury ran well to finish first girl holding off a fast finishing Niamh Speakman with U/11 Grace Pendlebury finishing third after a good race.

1 Lewis Wilkes 8.14
2 Cian Healy 8.38
3 Tom Masssey 8.47
4 Toby Middleton 9.10
5 Robert Seddon 9.38
6 Ella Pendlebury 9.45
7 Niamh Speakman 10.22
8 Finlay Hayes 10.24
9 Calum Moseley 11.30
10 Josh Houghton 11.52
11 Grace Pendlebury 12.00
12 Theo Middleton 12.04
13 Sam Speakman 12.07
14 Harry ? 12.15
15 Ellie Green 13.20
16 Lydia Johnson 14.00

The senior race of 4 miles had only 3 runners with runners running up to Rivingon Pike and back but predictions were remarkably accurate with Paul Lewis winning the race in 38.00 and predicting his time to the second. Mark Seddon was second in 38.30 with his prediction being 90 seconds out with O/65 Derek Kay finishing in 42.01 and only 4 seconds outside his predicted time.

Murder Mile 27th August

Murder Mile 27th August

After an absence of some 8 years the Murder Mile has returned to Horwichs race programme with a different course to before, up to the top of Winter Hill from the bottom of the ramp. A total climb of 500 foot making it a tough race.

There where 23 starters with Juniors and Seniors racing together for the first time along with friends from Chorley, Bolton, and Lostock. As expected England International Chris Farrell won by 20 seconds from Nick Leigh with Chris Essex Crosby third 90 seconds adrift. An exceptional run by junior Cian Healy saw him finish fourth overall only one second behind third with Nathan Lancaster 7th 9 seconds behind and Toby Midddleton fresh from winning a 5K in Vancouver third one minute further behind. First Lady was England International Lindsey Brindle despite going over on her ankle with Erica Booth second just getting the better of first Lady Vet Sandra Kelly by six seconds. The first junior girl was Freya Whittle in 18th with Milly Lever runner up in that category after a hard fought race. A special mention to 8 year old Theo Middleton who completed the race in just over 16 minutes and his father Jason getting back in the racing mode after open heart surgery. Well done to the both of them.

1 C Farrell 7.31
2 N Leigh 7.51
3 C Essex- Crosby 9.14
4 C Healy 9.15 Junior
5 D Fishwick 9.16 V/40 Chorley
6 A Murray 9.23 V/40
7 N Lancaster 9.40 Junior
8 N Kelly 9.28 V/40
9 M Ellithorn 9.30 V/50 Chorley
10 L Brindle 9.34 Lady
11 P Boardman 10.00 V/50
12 P Turner 10.01 V/50 Bolton
13 T Middleton 10.31 Junior
14 B Beckett 10.52 V/50 Chorley
15 E Booth 10.56 Lady
16 S Kelly 11.02 LV/40
17 M Seddon 11.25 V/50
18 F Whittle 11.51 Junior Girl
19 M Lever 12.39 Junior Girl
20 L Leyand 13.20 LV/50
21 J Middleton 13.44 V/40
22 T Middleton 16.07 Junior Boy
23 E Swift 17.16 V/60


!!!!! NEW RACE !!!!! Please try to support !!!!!

Murder Mile – 27th August 7.15

Start at the Bottom of the Ramp.
Entry Fee £2.
First three Men/Ladies prizes plus Vets.

Open to all ages Horwich RMI and Guests.
See how slow you can race a MILE uphill.

If you intend doing this race can you let Tony Hesketh know by phone, e-mail or any other means.
Just to make sure we have enough runners to make it a viable race.

Suitable for Juniors.

Fielden Cup 2015

Fielden Cup 2015

The annual running of the Fielden Cup this year had one of its smallest fields which was, to say the least, a little disappointing. The race over a 2.2 mile course on George’s Lane is based on a handicap which this year was calculated by Pete Ramsdale. In the end the four runners had just 44 seconds between first to go and last to go and then battle it out over what was a windy Thursday night race. First off Gordon Stone, at 22 seconds Geoff Leech and last year’s winner Steve Thomasson and then at 44 seconds Paul Lewis. At the turn around point Steve had almost caught Gordon with Paul catching the field. As the race covered the final steps Paul edged in front of Gordon to hold on for a 5 second victory with Steve a further 17 seconds back in third and after a blistering start (which in hind sight was a bad idea) Geoff completed the course just 1 minute behind the winner.

Then back to the Jolly Crofters for presentation, photographs and refreshments. Thanks to Mark Burbeck for the marshalling, Christa and Duncan for support. Maybe next year for everyone else? See you then.


Pos Name Clock Time Handicap Real Time


1 Paul Lewis 16.25 0.44 15.41


2 Gordon Stone 16.30 0.00 16.30


3 Steve Thomasson 16.47 0.22 16.25


4 Geoff Leech 17.25 0.22 17.03



Fleming Trophy 20th April 2015

Fleming Trophy 20th April 2015

This years annual handicap race just over 2 kilometres saw 38 children take part and saw some brilliant performances the winner was 7 year old Martha Kay who made the most of her handicap to win knocking two minutes off last years time, Laura Gouge ran well for second and a close fought battle saw Amelia Bailey take bronze by one second from Milly Lever. The fastest legs were run by Tom Massey for the boys in a time of 8.09 with Ella Pendlebury running 8.54 to take the fastest girl prize.

Result | H/Cap | Actual Time

1 M Kay 11.47 0.00 11.47
2 L Gouge 13.04 1.55 11.09
3 A Bailey 13.16 3.55 9.21
4 M Lever 13.17 2.40 10.47
5 D Porter 13.25 3.40 9.45
6 T Massey 13.49 5.40 8.09 (Fastest Boy )
7 G Pendlebury 13.51 2.10 11.41
8 N Speakman 13.52 4.40 9.12
9 I Simmonite 13.53 4.00 9.53
10 E Pendlebury 13.54 5.00 8.54 (Fastest Girl)
11 E Green 13.55 2.10 11.45
12 F Whittle 14.00 4.40 9.20
13 To Middleton 14.01 5.30 8.31
14 A Gouge 14.02 1.55 12.07
15 N Lancaster 14.03 5.50 8.13
16 G Porter 14.04 2.20 11.44
17 L Seddon 14.17 1.40 12.37
18 R Seddon 14.19 5.40 8.39
19 J Houghton 14.21 3.40 10.41
20 H Foley 14.22 4.50 9.32
21 C Healy 14.47 6.30 8.17
22 C Moseley 14.32 3.55 10.33
23 L Miliken 14.32 5.30 9.02
24 K Kinealy 14.37 5.50 8.47
25 L Wilkes 14.41 6.05 8.36
26 T Middleton 14.43 3.55 10.44
27 M Flatters 14.43 6.00 8.43
28 T Grundy 14.48 6.20 8.28
29 L Brindle 14.55 6.00 8.55
30 L Sutcliffe 14.58 3.40 11.18
31 S Speakman 14.59 3.40 11.19
32 O Lowe 15.00 5.50 9.10
33 J Jackson 15.12 5.40 9.32
34 S Nicholson 15.29 1.40 13.49
35 F Reid 15.32 6.00 9.32
36 J Hardman 15.34 1.40 13.54
37 M Hill 17.08 4.40 12.28
38 T Humphries 17.16 3.40 13.36

Flemming Trophy

Flemming Trophy for Juniors under 16 years of age 20th April 6.30 start

This years race is again at Boton Arena numbers to be collected on the night, this is a Handicap race over 2k for our Junior members, NO entries on the night due to Handicapping, The entry fee is £2 with all finishers getting a medal, there is prizes for first three finishers and fastest Boy and Girl. Entries to Tony Hesketh or Brenda Hesketh name and a recent race please.Slower/younger runners set of at intervals over set course.


Junior Jubilee 1m

Junior Jubilee 1m Race

The 1 Mile Street race is showing popularity at Chorley as well as our home Street Race with total of 44 Horwich juniors running
on Wednesday evening other local clubs made up the 66 strong race for what is becoming very competitive racing.

In the Boys races we had winners in all age groups with Lewis Wilkes taking the race win closely followed by Luke Brindle.
Luke & Thomas Massey taking age group wins along with Daniel Rowe.

The Girls also put out a splendid result with Freya Whittle & Ella Pendlebury 2nd in their age groups. Ellie Baker getting her first
ever age group win.

The Series winners will be the best 3 of 4 races, that similar to the Red Rose XC. Many thanks to all who helped on the night and
a special mention to Christa without who we would have had no timing device.


Ian Hesketh Memorial Duathlon

Ian Hesketh Memorial Duathlon 24th May

A capacity entry of 83 athletes started our annual Duathlon in ideal conditions with the predicted rain keeping away until all had finished. Our own Tom Carson led from the off and was never headed to win in a new record of 1.13.28 with the fastest times on the two 5k runs and the second fastest cycle time. Suzanne Budgett was part of the winning relay team finishing in 12th place and is getting back to form. Paul Boardman taking a break from doing the event on his Mountainbike and finished 38th in 1.37.07 and new member Jason Middleton was 3 minutes adrift in 46th with a time of 1.40.12. Regular Duathlete Lawrence Pinnell was our final finisher in 54th place in a time of 1.43.14. A special thanks to all our Marshals who made the event such a success.

Fleming Trophy

Fleming Trophy 16th April 1.8k

We had 34 juniors running in this years race many doing it for the first time and they all put in a great deal of effort with the first six finishing within a minute. First to finish was Issac Keating finding a terrific sprint to overtake guest runner Tom Howe in the final 50 metres. Calum Moseley was third and Gemma Howe just held off a fast finishing Nathan Lancaster for fourth place. Lewis Wilkes justified his scratch start by running the fastest time in 8.42. For the girls Fraya Whittle surprised everyone apart from her coach Brenda with the fastest time recorded by a girl and she is only 9 years of age!!! All the runners received a medal, the winners got trophies and all seemed to enjoy the race.

H/Cap time Actual Time Time Position
1) Issac Keating 12.12 11.12 17
2) T Howe (Guest) 12.16 12.16 21
3) C Moseley 12.26 11.26 16
4) G Howe G 12.34 10.34 14
5) N Lancaster 12.58 8.53 5
6) A Holmes 13.02 9.22 10
7) C Healey 13.15 8.45 3
8) J Howe 13.20 10.20 12
9) I Keating 13.22 12.22 20
10) F Whittle 13.23 10.13 11
11) L Brindle 13.24 8.44 2
12) M Flatters 13.28 8.48 4
13) R Seddon 13.29 8.59 7
14) L Massey 13.36 9.06 8
15) C Squires G 13.37 11.37 18
16) L Wilkes 13.39 8.42 1
17) T Massey 13.48 8.58 6
18) K Kinealy 13.58 9.08 9
19) H Foley G 14.02 10.32 13
20) D Rowe 14.15 10.55 15=
21) I Simmonite 14.25 11.05 16
22) C Fordham G 14.35 10.55 15=
23) D Carter 14.48 14.48 31
24) I Wrigley G 14.51 12.51 23
25) E Green G 14.52 12.52 24
26) L Sutcliffe G 14.53 11.43 19
27) J Houghton 15.05 12.05 20
28) L Seddon (Guest) 15.09 12.39 22
29) S Platt 15.25 12.55 25
30) M Kay G 15.33 15.03 32
31) J Simmonite 15.40 12.30 21
32) A Wrigley G 15.43 15.13 33
33) L Gouge G 15.48 12.48 23
34) S Simmonite G 18.12 15.42 34

Flemming Cup Junior Handicap Race

Flemming Cup Junior Handicap Race

16th April 6.45p.m

Bolton Arena

£2 entry fee

This years race is the same route as last year starting from near to Bolton Arena. Younger slower runners go off at intervals over a 2 mile course. Please give name and fee along with race times in the last six months to Tony or Brenda Hesketh. This enables a suitable handicap time to be worked out. All runners will receive a medal and there are prizes to the fastest Boy and Girl along with prizes for the first three finishers.

Tony Hesketh 01204 668183 or 07552657789

Juniors Street Race

Juniors Street Race

25 Horwich Athletes made the race on the night. A total of 41 runners, most entering the full series has given us the belief that this series could get more popular with local clubs.

Results can be found here albeit being provisional;-

Well done to all the youngsters who managed to get round. A big well done to the Penny Townsend 1ST girl & Nathan Townsend 1st boy past the line. Another mention has to go out to Jodie who fell at the start, however setting a good example by getting up and carrying on to the end albeit a bleeding elbow, well done.

The evening went rather well and other clubs thanked us for putting it on, particularly Leigh & Chorley. I hope all will support our next outing @ ASTLEY Park series 2 weeks from LAST NIGHT.

Andy T.

The Horwich Jubilee 5m Road Race – Wed 15th June

The Horwich Jubilee 5m Road Race – Wed 15th June

Central Lancs Grand Prix

Horwich RMI Road Championship

Horwich Overall Club Championship

Another high turnout of runners, 255 finishers, proved what a difference being part of the Central Lancs Grand Prix can make. We also had another good turnout especially at the front of the race which meant we beat Bolton by 4 points and remain leaders of the Grand Prix, our vets are also leading their part of the series. Thanks to Martyn Bell for his efforts to encourage our quicker runners to race and there is no doubt that their presence is motivating the group of runners just behind them and the rest of us further down the field.

Please put in your diary the next race in the series, it is – The Three Sisters 5k at Ashton in Makerfield nr Wigan.

Pete Bland.

Results –

Also great to see so many of our future stars running in The Junior Street Race.

Results –

Results of Fielden Cup 2013

Results of Fielden Cup 2013

Finish time Handicap Actual time
1 Christa Whatmough 20:02 2:40 17:22
2 Becky Law (Guest) 20:02 3:50 16:12
3 Lawrence Pinnell (V45) 20:39 0:40 19:59
4 Steve Jackson (V55) 20:48 3:50 16:58
5 Peter Ramsdale (V55) 20:52 5:00 15:52
6 Allan Blinkhorn (V60) 21:35 1:00 20:35
7 Martyn Bell (V40) 21:41 9:50 11:51
8 Rudolf Maciejkowicz (V60) 21:43 7:00 14:43
9 Ali Murray 21:52 9:30 12:22
10 Glyn Kay 22:12 9:30 12:42
11 Gareth Booth (V40) 22:42 9:50 12:52
12 Tony Hesketh (V60) 23:03 6:00 17:03
13 Ed Swift (V65) 23:37 1:00 22:37

Junior Pike Thanks

Junior Pike Thanks

Having sent the final award in the post this afternoon and completed a financial statement – what’s next? Oh yes my thanks to all the very capable team that helped Horwich RMI Harriers put on 5 individual English Championship fell races at Rivington on Saturday.

The day started early with Ali Murray and myself walking senior and junior routes clearing any hard ice on the route and erecting signage. Registration, for what was going to be a busy session, was manned by Trevor Williams and Alison Gordon. They were efficient from the gun with numbers, race fees, pins, routes and questions. To make sure the little runners went the right way and turned at the right places, a team of well drilled marshals managed the races. Andy Townsend, Christa Whatmough, Kath Swindell, Pete Gillham (Chorley), Gordon Stone and Christine Ramsdale performed their duties admirably.

Next we needed to make sure the results were right – so myself, Suzanne Budgett and Jim Goodwin (Rossendale) created finishing funnel and completed the job. Trevor and Alison worked out the names of the first three in each race and presentations were possible during the Under 16’s race. It all worked like a dream – a dream team – Thanks everyone. Nearly 300 juniors in 6 races.

A special thanks to Suzanne for taking over timing duties from me during the under 16’s race allowing me to change my shoes and enter and run my 20th pike race

Many thanks to the FRA for their support beforehand, Pete Bland Sports for their sponsorship and Sweatshop for their support too. Must mention the Bolton Mountain Rescue whose contribution is always welcome. Thanks to all the parents for their support in looking after their children.

Peter Ramsdale

Rivington Pike Race

Rivington Pike Race 30th March

Our annual Pike Race attracted a large field of over 300 runners and was very well organised by Pete Ramsdale and his team. With the added strain of our junior races being in the English Junior Fell Championship this year the races went like clock work. Tom Cornthwaite won for the second year in a row from Gary Priesley who used to run for us. First finisher for us in 18th place was Dave Milliken after a strong race backed up by Gareth Booth and Rob Jackson doing his 30 th pike race in succession was good enough to win the Team prize. Our first lady was Lindsey Brindle 6th and 80th overall after a good race making up places on the descent. Michael Crook and Paul Murray where first o/65 and o/70 respectively.

Flemming Cup

Flemming Cup Junior Handicap Race 17th April 2013 at Bolton Arena

Starts at 6 30 p.m. Entry Fee £2. Race distance 2 miles approx. Please give a time for a recent race or time trial when entering to Brenda or Tony Hesketh. (tel 01204 668183) All finishers receive a medal and there are prizes for the fastest boy and girl and the overall winner. Race Limit 45 runners. Age limit 7 years parent to run with child maximum age 16 years. All ages are as 1/01/13.

UPDATE: Pike Marshals

UPDATE: Pike Marshals

The following people have come forward to marshal at this Saturdays Pike race. However we still need more help to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. If you can help out for any time at all please contact Alastair Murray on 07769682439.

Registration: Sue Townsend, Julie Bower.
Horwich end of Lever Park Ave – road closure: Andy Townsend.
Finish Team: Stewart Westhead, Kath Swindell,Crista Whatmough.
Darley St Junction – road closure: Gemma Stokes.
Fearnhead Ave Junction – road closure: Liz Sykes.
Right turn up to Pike: Steve Thomasson.
Lever Park Ave / Dryfield Rd – road closure: Paul Jackson.
Gate at start of concrete road: Stephen Diaz.
New cattle grid on concrete road: Paul Edmondson.
Gate at top of concrete road: Stuart Edmondson.
Gates on either side of Georges Lane: Martyn Bell.
The Pike: Catherine Brown, Mark Gibson.

Thank you all very much.

URGENT: Pike Race Helpers

URGENT: Pike Race Helpers

We are in urgent need of more helpers for the pike race. We are looking for people for Marshals, Start and Finish Team, Entries and general help throughout the day.

If you can spare and hour or a few hours please get in touch ASAP. If you are not running, we need you to help.

Contact Alastair Murray to offer your services. 07769682439 /

Downhill Race Results

Results :
1: Danny Hope (guest) 21:04
2: Albert Sunter (winner of downhill trophy again!) 21:27
3: Alastair Murray 22:03
4: Robert Green 22:21
5: Stephen Diaz 24:04
6: Josie Greenhalgh (first lady) 25:12
7: Tony Hesketh 25:57
8: Thomas Howard 28:24
9: Peter Ramsdale 29:00
10: Mark Swindell 29:25
11: Paul Murray 30:25
12: Paul Speed 31:23
13: Ros Murray (second lady) 32:28
14: Luke Howard 36:57
15: Ed Swift 46:06
16: Alfie Howard 49:33

Thanks to everyone who turned out, and to David Jackson and Steve Pearson for helping out with marshalling and timekeeping. The weather held off and everyone avoided the worst of the bogs, although it was fairly dark by the time I set off.

Some requests for drier conditions next year, some requests for it to be run entirely in the dark. It depends largely on whether I remember before the nights get too dark.


Downhill Race

Thursday, 20 September 2012, 7:00 pm.

Scotsman’s Stump by the mast on Winter Hill mast road.

Starting from Scotsman’s Stump by the mast on Winter Hill mast road.
Runners set off at 30 second intervals, finishing at the RMI club, via
the Pike, and any route in between.
Start will be a 7.00 p.m. prompt due to the light.
Guests welcome.
Free entry and prizes.
Historic Downhill Trophy to the winner. (RMI only)

Alastair Murray –

Thursday Training Cancelled

Fielden Cup replaces Thursday Training Sessions

With the Fielden Cup taking place on Thursday this week, then the usual training sessions are not going to take place, and instead anyone who would normally train with Steve Pearson is asked to instead use the Fielden Cup as the training session.

The Fielden Cup is More information may be found on the webpage

Many people put a great deal of time and effort into organising and running the club’s races, and we need your support to continue to do so – if you want the future of club races to continue then please support such races.

Steve Pearson – Gordon Stone – Carl Balshaw

Fielden Cup 2012

Horwich RMI Harriers – Fielden Cup

26th April 2012

This years Fielden Cup is being held over a different course and will run along Georges Lane towards Pike Cottage, starting near the Jolly Crofters.

Registration is £2 and is open to Horwich RMI members and guests, but only full members of the Horwich RMI are eligible to win the Fielden Cup trophey.

See the Fielden Cup page for more information

Rivington Pike Race – Junior 2012

Junior Pike Race 2012

A smaller than usual number of entrants ran the 2012 Junior pike race on Saturday 7th April. The competition was just as high as usual and Horwich made their contribution to the day’s racing.
In the under 12’s race Ben McLauglin from Leigh was first home in 11 minutes. Arron Kearney from Wirrall AC was second and Horwich’s Thomas MAssey was third. Lucas Millimen in his first race for Horwich was 5th and Daniel Rowe was 7th. Charlotte Rigby was first girl home in 23.30.
Ievan Keaney won the under 14’s boys race whilst his sister Aileen won the under 14’s girls race. Abbey Cox and Jenny Unsworth were third and fourth in the under 14’s race in 21.09 and 21.13 respectively.
Thanks to all who supported the race