Fielden Cup 2015

Fielden Cup 2015

The annual running of the Fielden Cup this year had one of its smallest fields which was, to say the least, a little disappointing. The race over a 2.2 mile course on George’s Lane is based on a handicap which this year was calculated by Pete Ramsdale. In the end the four runners had just 44 seconds between first to go and last to go and then battle it out over what was a windy Thursday night race. First off Gordon Stone, at 22 seconds Geoff Leech and last year’s winner Steve Thomasson and then at 44 seconds Paul Lewis. At the turn around point Steve had almost caught Gordon with Paul catching the field. As the race covered the final steps Paul edged in front of Gordon to hold on for a 5 second victory with Steve a further 17 seconds back in third and after a blistering start (which in hind sight was a bad idea) Geoff completed the course just 1 minute behind the winner.

Then back to the Jolly Crofters for presentation, photographs and refreshments. Thanks to Mark Burbeck for the marshalling, Christa and Duncan for support. Maybe next year for everyone else? See you then.


Pos Name Clock Time Handicap Real Time


1 Paul Lewis 16.25 0.44 15.41


2 Gordon Stone 16.30 0.00 16.30


3 Steve Thomasson 16.47 0.22 16.25


4 Geoff Leech 17.25 0.22 17.03



Results of Fielden Cup 2013

Results of Fielden Cup 2013

Finish time Handicap Actual time
1 Christa Whatmough 20:02 2:40 17:22
2 Becky Law (Guest) 20:02 3:50 16:12
3 Lawrence Pinnell (V45) 20:39 0:40 19:59
4 Steve Jackson (V55) 20:48 3:50 16:58
5 Peter Ramsdale (V55) 20:52 5:00 15:52
6 Allan Blinkhorn (V60) 21:35 1:00 20:35
7 Martyn Bell (V40) 21:41 9:50 11:51
8 Rudolf Maciejkowicz (V60) 21:43 7:00 14:43
9 Ali Murray 21:52 9:30 12:22
10 Glyn Kay 22:12 9:30 12:42
11 Gareth Booth (V40) 22:42 9:50 12:52
12 Tony Hesketh (V60) 23:03 6:00 17:03
13 Ed Swift (V65) 23:37 1:00 22:37

Thursday Training Cancelled

Fielden Cup replaces Thursday Training Sessions

With the Fielden Cup taking place on Thursday this week, then the usual training sessions are not going to take place, and instead anyone who would normally train with Steve Pearson is asked to instead use the Fielden Cup as the training session.

The Fielden Cup is More information may be found on the webpage

Many people put a great deal of time and effort into organising and running the club’s races, and we need your support to continue to do so – if you want the future of club races to continue then please support such races.

Steve Pearson – Gordon Stone – Carl Balshaw

Fielden Cup 2012

Horwich RMI Harriers – Fielden Cup

26th April 2012

This years Fielden Cup is being held over a different course and will run along Georges Lane towards Pike Cottage, starting near the Jolly Crofters.

Registration is £2 and is open to Horwich RMI members and guests, but only full members of the Horwich RMI are eligible to win the Fielden Cup trophey.

See the Fielden Cup page for more information