NYAL – 16th May, Witton Park, Blackburn

A total of 38 athletes turn out for the 2nd fixture in this season’s National Young Athletes League.

This fixture saw Horwich pitted against the teams from Ribble Valley and Border and coming into the meeting with their 1st win of the season already secured at Sheepmount on the 2nd May.

The Horwich contingent were quick out of the blocks , pardon the pun, to gain an early lead with wins in the U13G, U13B and U15B hurdles.

Further wins came thick and fast in the U13G and U13B 800m and the U13G 75m and U17G 100m events. Numerous wins later saw Horwich take victory in this 2nd fixture with a total of 561 points to Border on 403.5 points and Ribble Valley on 329.5 points.

Well done to all those who took part and a very big thank you to all those who gave their time to undertake official’s duties which in it’s self provided 60 valuable points.

Full results of the fixture will appear on the NYAL website very soon.

Ian Saunders

Track & Field Co-ordinator


The 2010 Track & Field season is now well under way for Horwich RMI Harriers, with 3 meetings held over the weekend at Wigan, Warrington and Trafford. There were plenty of Personal Bests, Club Records and Medals won!

Starting with the Primary League held at Wigan on Friday 16th April, Horwich Harriers turned out 20 young Athletes to take part in this annual event, supported by Chorley Harriers and against Wigan Harriers.

There were some fantastic races and performances on the night, including 2 new young high jumpers, Penny Townsend, on her debut, who won the Yr 2-4 Girls category with a new Club Record of 0.95m and Mackenzie Dacre winning the Yr 2-4 Boys event. Isobel Dean won the triple with Soft Javelin, 75m and 600m.

For the Yr 5&6 Girls, there were great runs from Emily Shelmerdine and Alana McClarence. Whilst for the Boys Yr 5& 6, there was a lightning run from Troy Cross, who won the 75m sprint at 10.90s and the Shot was won by James Yearn with a tremendous putt of 6.34m.

On Saturday 17th April, several Horwich Harriers turned out at “sunny” Warrington and won a few medals. Notable performances were made by Zac, Joseph and Phoebe Howe in the 1500m. All of them achieving personal bests and/or winning medals, with Phoebe breaking the club record with a time of 5m14.40s for the Under 13 girls.

Natassia Dacre won the Under 15’s Girls Javelin with a throw of 22.22m, whilst Mackenzie Dacre came 2nd in the Under 11 Boys Cricket Ball throw.

There were also great performances made by Ellie Twist and Shannon McClarence on the Track.

Finally, at Trafford, Manchester on the Sunday 18th April, an open meeting was held, where Nathan Townsend turned out with a fantastic run over 800m and a great Long Jump of 3.87m for the Under 13 Boys.

Full report and results.



The 2010 Track & Field season is now well under way for Horwich RMI Harriers, with 3 meetings held over the weekend at Wigan, Warringtonand Trafford. There were plenty of Personal Bests, Club Records and Medals won!

Starting with the Primary League held at Wiganon Friday 16th April, Horwich Harriers turned out 20 young Athletes to take part in this annual event, supported by Chorley Harriers and against Wigan Harriers.

There were some fantastic races and performances on the night, including 2 new young high jumpers, Penny Townsend, on her debut, who won the Yr 2-4 Girls category with a new Club Record of 0.95m and Mackenzie Dacre winning the Yr 2-4 Boys event. Isobel Dean won the triple with Soft Javelin, 75m and 600m.

For the Yr 5&6 Girls, there were great runs from Emily Shelmerdine and Alana McClarence. Whilst for the Boys Yr 5& 6, there was a lightning run from Troy Cross, who won the 75m sprint at 10.90s and the Shot was won by James Yearn with a tremendous putt of 6.34m.

On Saturday 17th April, several Horwich Harriers turned out at “sunny” Warringtonand won a few medals. Notable performances were made by Zac, Joseph and Phoebe Howe in the 1500m. All of them achieving personal bests and/or winning medals, with Phoebe breaking the club record with a time of 5m14.40s for the Under 13 girls.

Natassia Dacrewon the Under 15’s Girls Javelin with a throw of 22.22m, whilst Mackenzie Dacre came 2nd in the Under 11 Boys Cricket Ball throw.

There were also great performances made by Ellie Twist and Shannon McClarence on the Track.

Finally, at Trafford, Manchesteron the Sunday 18th April, an open meeting was held, where Nathan Townsend turned out with a fantastic run over 800m and a great Long Jump of 3.87m for the Under 13 Boys.

Full results as follows:-

WiganPrimary League Meeting 1 – 16th April 2010

Yr2-4 Girls

Isobel Dean                  75m                 12.20s

                                    600m               2m13.40s

                                    Soft Javelin       7.39m

Ella Price                      600m               2m19.9s

                                    Soft Javelin       5.67m

Penny Townsend          75m                 14.20s

                                    600m               2m41.90s

                                    High Jump        0.95m

Esme Critchley          75m                 15.30s

                                    Soft Javelin       4.78m

 Caitlin Howcroft           600m               2m49.90s

  Yr 2-4 Boys

 James Keating              75m                 12.80s

                                    600m               2m24.60s

                                    Soft Javelin       10.03m

 Sam Twist                    75m                 13.0s

                                    600m               2m28.5s

                                    Soft Javelin       5.60m

 Dominic Braund            75m                 13.2s

                                    High Jump        0.80m

                                    Soft Javelin       8.05m

 Mackenzie Dacre         High Jump        0.97m

                                    Soft Javelin       8.69m


Yr 5-6 Girls


Emily Shelmerdine        75m                 11.6s

                                    600m               2m04.5s

                                    Long Jump       3.52m


Alana McClarence        75m                 11.7s

                                    600m               2m16.1s

                                    Long Jump       3.03m


Ellie Dacre                    75m                 12.4s

                                    600m               2m30.4s

                                    Long Jump       2.90m


Lauren Halsall               75m                 12.4s

                                    600m               2m38.4s

                                    Long Jump       2.32m

                                    Shot putt          4.55m


Shannon McClarence   75m                 12.6s

                                    600m               2m16.6s

                                    Long Jump       2.62m




Ellie Twist                     75m                 13.4s

                                    600m               2m38.1s

                                    Long Jump       2.74m


Yr 5-6 Boys


Troy Cross                   75m                 10.9s

                                    600m               2m17.9s

                                    Long Jump       3.35m


James Yearn                 75m                 11.2s

                                    600m               2m08.8s

                                    Long Jump       3.26m

                                    Shot Putt          6.34m


Matthew Smith75m                 11.2s

                                    Shot Putt          4.33m


William Hart                 75m                 11.3s

                                    600m               2m07.5s

                                    Long Jump       3.16m 

                                    Shot Putt          4.61m


Matthew Stocks           75m                 11.8s

                                    Long Jump       3.19m

                                    Shot Putt          5.22m



WarringtonOpen Medal Meeting – 17th April 2010


Under 11 Girls


Ellie Twist                     75m                 13.6s

                                    150m               28.0s

                                    Long Jump       2.88m


Shannon McClarence   75m                 12.6s

                                    600m               2m24.6s

                                    Long Jump       2.46m


Under 11 Boys


Mackenzie Dacre         600m               2m23.1s

                                    Cricket Ball      23.38m


Under 13 Girls


Alana McClarence        75m                 12.2s

                                    150m               24.5s

                                    Long Jump       3.15m


Phoebe Howe              1500m             5m14.4s



Under 15 Girls


Natassia DacreJavelin              22.22m


Under 15 Boys


Joseph Howe               1500m             4m52.6s


Under 17 Boys


Zac Howe                    1500m             4m28.9s



Trafford Open – 18th April 2010


Under 13 Boys


Nathan Townsend        800m               2m32.2s

                                    Long Jump       3.87m




















Mark Dacre

Horwich RMI Harriers & AC


Supertees Newsletter March 2010

With the light nights we are now meeting at Wilderswood Car park on Georges Lane Horwich at 6.30p.m on Wednesdays and are training on the Fells.

All abilities are welcome why not give it a try you may like it and want to race in a Fell Race. No pressure but we do like you to wear Fell or Trail shoes so that you dont fall too many times. For more information ring me.

Congratulations to Bethany, Athlete of the Month for March a good all rounder and has competed at Crystal Palace in the Junior Pentathlon Championships.

I have decided that this year we will center our efforts on the English Junior championships and these along with three other races will make up our Junior Fell Championship. Rules are as before 10 points for first Horwich 9 points for second Horwich down to 1 point for 10th Horwich. To qualify for an award runners must do a minimum of 3 races to be eligible for an award at the end of the season with each runners best six races counting overall. The races are as below any race with an E in front are Junior English Championships

April 3rd Rivington Pike Junior Races 1.00p.m Winners aplenty last year.
E April 24th Anniversary Waltz Cumbria 11.30 a.m Entry by 22nd by Web Site only
E May 3rd Coiners Yorkshire 10.15 a.m
May 8th Belmont 12.30 p.m Greater Manchester Championships. All ages from U/12 to U/16
E May 31st Shutlingsloe Cheshire 12.00 p.m
E June 19th Clougha Pike Lancashire 1.00 p.m We were the Boys Team Champions last year!
E June 27th Arnison ( uphill only ) Cumbria 1.00 p.m Two silver medals last year can we do better?
Aug 4th Whittle Pike Lancashire 6.45 p.m
E Aug 21st Darwen Gala Lancashire 12.45 p.m Medals to be won in the Lancs Championships

To enter the English races you have to be at least 10 years of age D.O.B. between 2/1/98 and 1/1/00. In the championships points are awarded as follows 1st =50 pts 2nd 48pts 3rd 47pts down to 49th = 1point this is for the first five races with the final race scoring 1st= 53pts 2nd= 50pts 3rd = 48pts 4th = 46 =pts down to 49th = 1pt. There are no championship medals but a Tee Shirt is awarded to all who complete 4 or more races and a memento is awarded to all who do six races.

Good running – Tony & Brenda Hesketh
Tel 01204 668183 or Mob 07973302432

April and Jamie land top honours

Two talented stars were named Horwich RMI Harriers & AC Athletes of the Year.

April Stevenson is an outstanding 400/800m runner. This year, despite suffering an early season injury she just missed out on making the English schools final however went on to set three club records and achieve two grade one performances. April receives Senior Athlete of the Year.

Jamie Crompton is one of this Countries finest distance runners. He achieved three grade one performances, is nationally ranked in the top 4 in four events and is this countries most promising steeplechaser for the past ten years topping the National rankings in both the 1500 and 2000m events. Jamie receives Junior Athlete of the Year.

How fitting that one of the Countries top middle distance athletes, Tom Lancashire from our home Town, Bolton, was on hand to present the trophies to April and Jamie. We were honoured to have Tom visit our Club and present Awards for all our age categories in front of over 220 athletes, parents and coaches. It was a fantastic evening, which was enjoyed by all.


U9 Boys
Athlete of the Year Callum Gordon
Most improved Dominic Braund
U9 Girls
Athlete of the Year Isobel Dean
Most improved Ella Price
U11 Boys
Athlete of the Year Jonah Saunders
Most improved William Hart
U11 Girls
Athlete of the Year Maisie Vernon
Most improved Madeleine Littlewood
Sportshall Awards
Boys Matthew Stocks
Girls Ellie Dacre
U13 Boys
Track Nathan Townsend
Field Nathan Barlow
All rounder Noah Saunders
U13 Girls
Track Laura Taylor
Field Natassia Dacre and Sophie Williams
All rounder Gabrielle Whittle
U15 Boys
Track Jacob Thornton
Field Matthew Ault
All rounder Shaun Palmer
U15 Girls
Track Hannah Storey
Field Georgina Cornforth
All rounder Beth Miller
U17 Men
Track Jamie Crompton
Field Dylan Smith
All-Rounder Zac Howe
U17 Women
Track Rebekah Atkinson
Field Laura Bannister
All rounder Amy Philpotts
U20/Senior Men
Track Jack Thomas
Field Trevor Williams
U20/Senior Women
Track April Stevenson
Field Alison Storey
Mid Lancs Trophies
Men Noah Saunders
Women Natassia Dacre
The Les Myers Trophies for Track & Field
Men Dylan Smith
Girls Laura Taylor and Gabrielle Whittle
Athlete of the Year
Junior Jamie Crompton
Senior April Stevenson
Dylan Smith
Laura Taylor and Gabrielle Whittle

Greater Manchester County Championship Fell Race

This year Greater Manchester Athletics are pleased to announce a County Championship Fell Race which will be staged at the Belmont Winter Hill Fell Race on Saturday 8th May. Race starts at 1.15pm and covers 4.5 miles and 1000ft of climb. Start from GR673163. Entry to the race is £4.50 on the day.

Under 12s 1.5 mile/300ft

Under 14s 2 mile/400ft

Under 16s 2.5 miles/600ft

The junior races all start at 12.30pm.

Medals will be awarded to the first three athletes home and to the first team. (Three to score)

Further details regarding the race can be obtained from Dave Bateson- dave.bateson@talk21.com

Further details regarding the Greater Manchester Fell Championships can be obtained from Andi Jones- roadrunneraj@btinternet.com

Andi Jones.

National XC Leeds 2010.

On Saturday saw the National XC races @ Round hay Park in Leeds. This annual event attracted 151 clubs from every corner of the UK and the size of field mirrored that. Our Stalwart U13’s Boys represented the club without any honours to claim or loose, which made the day stress free from a results prospective.

In a field of over 400 our boys held up well. Bearing in mind these guys have another year in U13’s XC the day was a success. In 74th came Nathan Townsend, Cameron Critchley in a satisfying 250 and a big finish from Will Townsend in 314th. Maybe next year we can get a team placing.

Andy Townsend

Red Vests in Leeds

National Cross Country Roundhay Park, Leeds
Saturday 27th February 2010

As the cross country season comes nearer and nearer the end, just 5 runners from our club put on their red vests with the distinctive black chevrons to tackle the grass, mud and hills of Roundhay Park.

The under 13 boys of Nathan Townsend, Cameron Critchley and Will Townsend ran in possibly the largest field of runners that they have ever run with before and they all enjoyed the ‘big’ experience. They had an ‘arena lap’ to do first and supporters ran across the muddy fields to see them and as they ran up, down and up again. They then ran down and up quite a steep hill. This proved a real discriminator with good hill runners pulling away from the others. The lads of Nathan, Cameron and Will should be really proud of their efforts as they finished in 74th in 12.45 and 260th in 14.03 and 314th in 14.40 respectively and all these runners are still under 13 next year.. The winner’s time was 11.29 and there were 374 runners in the race.

The other two Horwich representatives were Pete Ramsdale and Gordon Stone in the senior men’s race over 12km. With nearly 1500 runners on the start line – the buzz started early. The course had three big laps of climbs, gentle descent’s and mud. Being lapped after nearly two laps when the winners have to just complete their third lap and then the finishing straight, really humbles you but shows the outstanding quality of these front runners. It’s a fantastic experience and I enjoyed it very much. Times and positions are a bit irrelevant but 1225th in 60.57 for Pete and 1248th in 61.34 for Gordon for the record.

Alton Towers on 19th February 2011 – National Cross Country next year – Date for your diary.

Peter Ramsdale

Derian House Sponsorship Horwich RMI Harriers young athletes raise £ 1,255.00

From Christmas Heptathlon 2009

Today some of our young athletes presented a cheque to Derian House for £1,255.00 which has been raised by them in the Horwich Rotary Xmas Heptathlon that took place in December 2009.

This was a fun competition, supported by the local Horwich Rotary for our young athletes age 6 to 12, that took place at the Bolton Arena, where they had to complete 7 indoor sportshall athletic events in less than 2 hours.

There were 74 young Horwich RMI Harriers & AC athletes that entered the competition, with some 26 Volunteers (parents and family) who helped with officiating and judging the results. Followed by a little Christmas party and presentation to the various winners of the event.

In the above photograph the Horwich RMI Harriers are presenting a cheque to Roya Khadem from Derian House. The athletes pictured are as follows, from left to right…Ellie Dacre, Tiff Dacre (Coach), Kelly Wainwright, Adam Ault, Nathan Townsend and Trinity Halstead.

All the money was raised by the athletes and this has been gratefully received by Roya Khadem on behalf of Derian House, who was amazed at how much fun the athletes had taking part in the event and in raising this fantastic sponsorship.

Christmas Heptathlon 2009

National Cross Country Championship

Leeds, Roundhay Park, Saturday 27th February 2010.

Important Information.

Athletes must wear club colours

Timing is done using ‘timing chips’. Chips and numbers collected from Pete Ramsdale on the day of the race. Chips returned after races. Failure to return chips will incur a £7 replacement cost.

There is NO parking at the park. Residential parking is only available in the surrounding streets so be prepared to park up away from the park and have a good walk. There is parking at Limewood Industrial Park. (Just off the A64 – I’m sorry I have no Sat Nav references I will try and find some). A shuttle bus service is available from 9am throughout the day from Limewood Park to Roundhay Park.

Race times

U15 Boys 11.00am
Junior Women 11.20am
Under 17 Women 11.45am
Under 13 Girls 12.10pm
Under 17 Men 12.25pm
Under 15 Girls 12.55pm
Junior Men 1.15pm
Under 13 Boys 2.00pm
Senior Women 2.15pm
Senior Men 3.00pm

Arrive in time to find Pete Ramsdale, get your number on your club vest and add you chip to your shoes, warm up and get to the start in good time

See you there

Peter Ramsdale
Cross Country Captain

Red Rose Cross Country Presentation Evening

Friday 12th February 2010 at Horwich RMI Club

The annual Red Rose Cross Country presentation evening was held in Horwich on Friday 12th Feb and the club was well quite well represented across the age groups.

First up to receive her award was Phoebe Howe who was 5th U13 girl. Phoebe has been supported by lots of other U13 girls throughout the season and we look forward to next year when they all continue in the same age group. We are looking for great things.

Next up was Nathan Townsend who received his 4th U13 boy award followed by another award for being a member of Horwich team who finished 2nd Under 13 boy’s team. Nathan was supported during the season by Cameron Critchley, Will Townsend, Jonathan Powis and Joseph Howe. Others got their names on the score sheet during the season including Matthew Ball and Sam Dean

After collecting the Lady’s individual trophy from Katie Ingram, it was engraved and given back to another Horwich lady this year. Running really well again and showing real commitment and talent – Lyndsey Brindle got her just rewards. Good family support on the evening too. Another lady receiving her reward for her efforts for the season was Lesley Fisher who finished 1st Lady Vet 50. Well done.

Whilst the league wasn’t the main club priority this year we still managed three senior awards. Rob Haworth finished 3rd Vet 50 with Mick Crook and Pete Bland finishing 1st and 2nd Vet 60. Well done guys.

We hope that next year the juniors will target this league next year as they are all very local races, and we can then look forward to a bumper presentation evening in 2011.

Peter Ramsdale

South East Lancs XC Leigh 13th February 2010

The final race in the SEL XC season took place at Lilford Park Leigh. With other commitments taking place over this busy weekend runners were making decisions about which of the races to take part in. Mid Lancs XC at Hyndburn, Parbold Hill race, Anglezarke Amble on Saturday and our own club promotion of the Winter Hill on Sunday. I attended the SEL XC as co-organiser for this final race in the 2009-10 season. With the help of Brian Schofield from Oldham and Royton and our own Neil Critchley (dad of Cameron, under 13 Horwich runner) from Burden RR, we set about early marking out the quite large loop.

There were only three Horwich runners deciding to run this race with Cameron trying to hold on to as high a position as possible in the under 13’s category. Even though the race fewer than usual numbers, the field was just as strong. Cameron battled hard and held off chasing runners to finish in 6th place. This gives him sixth overall – a very good performance, well done.

In the seniors, well vets, Rob Haworth and myself completed the three large laps. I cannot comment too much about Rob’s run as I didn’t see much of him and he might have even gone home by the time I’d finished but 14th in a time of 37.27 is very impressive. This also completes the necessary 3 races to qualify for the series. I worked hard and completed the 9km in 46.03 in 66th place. Ian Grime from Newham and Essex won in 33.04.

That completes the series in the South East Lancs, Cameron Critchley 6th U13, Rob Haworth 1st Vet 50, Tony Hesketh 1st Vet 60, Paul Murray 4th Vet 60 and me 14th Vet 50. The Horwich V40 team finished joint 5th whilst the V50 team came joint 2nd. To say that this wasn’t within the clubs targets and it clashed with at least 2 Mid Lancs races, that’s a good show. Thanks everyone.

Footnote – packed up the course, packed all the markers in my car and then found myself locked in the park – 40minutes later having found someone with a key to let me out, I was driving home – just adds to the day!

Peter Ramsdale

Track & Field Athletics Awards

Horwich RMI Harriers & AC

Track & Field Athletics Awards

Presentation Night

held on

Friday 12th March 2010

Horwich RMI Club

7pm start

Pasty & Peas Supper on arrival.

Disco ’till 11.00pm

& the amazing RMI Tombola

Incorporating “Junior” Fell & Cross Country Awards

Tickets: £4.00 per person

available from Suzanne Saunders (Training Nights at Bolton Arena)

Supertees Newsletter January 2010

A Happy New Year to all endurance athletes. Despite all the Ice and Snow we have managed to train even on the dark nights. We even went up the Pike in deep snow on a Saturday afternoon and also we went up the Pike a couple of times in the dark when the snow was at its deepest wearing head torches. Hopefully we will still be attending the Cross Country races in readiness for the forth coming fell season.
I have decided that this year we will center our efforts on the English Junior championships and these along with three other races will make up our Junior Fell Championship. Rules are as before : 10 points for first Horwich, 9 points for second Horwich, down to 1 point for 10th Horwich. To qualify for an award runners must do a minimum of 3 races to be eligable for an award at the end of the season, with each runners best six races counting overall. The races are as below.
  • April 3rd Rivington Pike Junior Races 1.00p.m Winners aplenty last year.
  • April 24th Anniversary Waltz Cumbria 11.30 a.m Entry by 22nd by Web Site only
  • May 3rd Coiners Yorkshire 10.15 a.m
  • May 8th Belmont 12.30 p.m Greater Manchester Championships.
  • May 31st Shutlingsloe Cheshire 12 .00 p.m
  • June 19th Clougha Pike Lancashire 1.00 p.m We were the Boys Team Champions last year!
  • June 27th Arnison ( uphill only ) Cumbria 1.00 p.m Two silver medals last year can we do better?
  • Aug 4th Whittle Pike Lancashire 6.45 p.m
  • Aug 21st Darwen Gala Lancashire 12.45 p.m Medals to be won in the Lancs Championships
All of the above races make up our Junior Championships but another race worth thinking about doing is the Ilkley Moor races on 21st Feb with junior races for U/8 to U/16. Race distances are .5 mls U/8 up to U/16 1ml and over/16 they do 2 mls.Venue is Wells Road, Ilkley 10.30 a.m starts.
Most of the races have a senior race so everyone can compete if they want to. Also there is a Gala or Village Fete at most of these events, so its a good day out for all the family. Hopefully we can have a get together at Pizza Hut with Friday February 5th being sounded out. If you fancy it give your name to Tony.
Good running Tony & Brenda
Tel 01204 668183

Northerns on Saturday 23rd January

Please note the race times are very different to normal.

Race Times for the Northern Cross Country Championships on Saturday 23rd January at Blackburn, Witton Park.

Under 17 Women 11.10am
Under 17 Men 11.40am
Under 13 Girls 12.05pm
Under 20 Women 12.20pm
Under 15 Boys 12.45pm
Under 15 Girls 1.05pm
Senior Women 1.40pm
Under 20 Men 2.30pm
Senior Men 3.05pm

Route to the park and routes for the day are on the North of England Web Site


See you there

Peter Ramsdale
Cross Country Captain

Horwich RMI Harriers "flying" at Blackpool

The Horwich RMI Harriers U13’s boys and girls turned out once again after what seemed ages of not running together. In more respectable temperatures this week and in contrast to last weeks snow bound Witton Park, Blackburn.
Phoebe Howe was lead girl for Horwich RMI Harriers and came in 7th and Grace Shelmerdale in 22nd respectively in a field of over 50 Runners, a real good day for both girls.
In the boys Nathan Townsend finishing in 6th with Joseph Howe close in 8th. A fantastic sprint finish between Will Townsend and Jonathan Powis ended up with the same time, giving the boys their best team finish in second place to date.
Andy Townsend

LAA XC @ Witton Pk in snow

In temperatures of Minus 4’C the beautiful setting of Witton Park attracted the Lancashire Athletic Association Championships. The usual hardy Lancashire association felt the course was safe enough and it didn’t prevent a good field turning out on the day.
Nathan Townsend was our only U13’s runner and was looking for a good finish against his arch rivals. In these conditions anything could happen, iced over rough terrain was being covered by the recent snow fall making the landscape stunning but unpredictable under foot. In recent Mid Lancs 14th has been his best so to come in 10th was very satisfactory for himself today. All runners found it difficult and some not finishing proving the course as difficult as was feared.

Greater Manchester XC Championship

Sunday 10th January 2010
If you wish to run in the Greater Manchester XC Championship on Sunday 10th January, and you qualify, (born in Greater Manchester or you have the last 9 months of continuous residence in Greater Maanchester), then you can enter on the day. Its £3 each for all runners. Please run in your Horwich vest.
Start times
U13 Boys 11.30am
U13 Girls 11.45am
U15 Boys 12 noon
U15 Girls 12.15pm
U17 Men 12.40pm
U17 Women and U20 Women 1.15pm
U20 Men 1.45pm
Senior Women 1.45pm
Senior Men 2.30
Good luck to those running in the Lancashire XC Championship on Saturday 9th and the Greater Manchester on Sunday 10th
Peter Ramsdale


I have received an update from Bolton Arena that the track is usable today. This should allow the junior session tonight to go ahead.

Please note that whilst it is very cold, there is no black ice on the track, and the main hazard is getting out on the path. This is being gritted, but everyone is asked to take care.

I should be receiving a further update tomorrow regarding the state of the track for Tuesday’s senior session. Please check back tomorrow for details.
You can also contact the arena reception on 01204 488100.

Mid Lancs, Towneley Park, Burnley

Our junior XC teams had a challenging day at Towneley Park on Saturday. The grounds sprinkled with snow looked a pretty picture and a new task for the young ones. The first challenge was Spikes or Fell shoes, even the seniors were puzzled. The course was mostly flat with some super view points for spectators.

In the U13’s girls Phoebe Howe was first home in 12th position struggling with her spike choice. Next having her best race to date was Grace Shelmerdale in 16th position having moved up the field comfortably. Our final runner Martha Gill home in 37th had an exhausting run not helped by the temperature on the day of minus 2’ C.

The boys had just as difficult task. Nathan Townsend home in 15th only just in front of Joseph Howe in 17th both complaining of the cold. Possibly his best race of the year for Jonathan Powis gave him 28th and not to be outdone Will Townsend home in 35th. Their team finished 5th which was their first team finish in the series.

Finally Zac Howe had a cold run but managed a respectable 17th to add to yet another strong run for his series.

Xmas Heptathlon 2009 – Bolton Arena 7th December

Hi all,

Just thought we would send a short message to thank you all for a wonderful and tremendous night! It was a joy to see so many young athletes competing with such good spirit and great sportsmanship.

We had 74 young athletes take part tonight (THAT IS A RECORD!) – unbelievable. Awesome, they would say in the USA! We also had 26 Volunteers in total, which is superb.

Well done to all the Captains on the night. Thanks for looking after your teams so well. You all did a brilliant job!


Please let me have monies at your earliest convenience, but by the end of January 2010, if possible, as we would like to present a cheque to Derian House early Feb 2010. A big thank you to Roya Khadem from Derian House who came down tonight to visit us and watch you all perform. Thanks for your kind support.


Wednesday outdoors 6.30-8.00pm is 9th December
Monday indoors is on 14th December.

We will return on Monday 4th Jan and Wednesday 6th Jan 2010.

Well done to you all tonight from all the coaches. By the way, we now have all your results, so we know who can run, jump and throw!!! It will take sometime to look at, but we will give you all some feedback.

A full report and photos will follow.

Kind regards

Mark Dacre
Mike Houghton
Tiffany Dacre
Tony Hesketh
Brenda Hesketh
Karen Long
Kelly Laughton
Zac Howe
Junior Coaches
Horwich RMI Harriers & AC


It was no surprise that the renowned cross country course of Marl Pits was very muddy and slippery. Many runners losing their shoes in the deep mud in the final Red Rose League meeting for 2009 at Rossendale.
The course for the U11’s was a small lap which fielded a good number of runners. In the Boys Matthew Brindle continues his good performance being the first RMI home in 20th. Jacob Barlow ran a good race in 33rd and Max Dacre wondering what his dad had put him through coming home in 35th.
The Girls also had a slippery race however showed good spirit. Kelly Wainwright continued his impressive first year at cross country coming home in 30th, than came Isobel Dean in 31st closely followed by Emma Rayner in 33rd. Finally Olivia Bannister coming home bravely in 42nd, which made for a good team outing for the U11’s.
The U13’s Boys and Girls had yet another good day out. The Girls team made 2nd place with some fantastic performances from Phoebe Howe, certainly her best of the year in 4th place. Martha Gills best run of the season in 14th and following her in 15th place was Sophie Myers. Grace Shelmerdine having another solid performance in 22nd.
The boys race was slightly tainted with Joe Howe certainly having a storming start in second place when losing his shoe in knee deep mud made it impossible to get back in contention. That left it to Nathan Townsend being first home in 4th just behind his arch rivals from Blackburn. A solid performance from Cameron Critchley in 16th looked good for a team finish, that was down to Jonathan Powis finishing in a strong 23rd and gave the boys 3rd place in the team scorings only 2 points behind second place Rossendale.
In the Under 17 boys, Zac Howe is building on his last performance at Bolton finishing in 10th place gave him another steady result.
Andy Townsend
Horwich RMI Harriers
Red Rose XC Rossendale 2009

Mid Lancs / UKA Cross Challenge

A Notoriously a fast course and muddy under foot didn’t help any runners out today.
The U13’s girls had done this race last year so they knew what the race was to hold. First home Phoebe Howe with a great performance in 15th overall and 4th Mid Lancs home. Sophie Myers had felt the pace however happy with her 59th and Martha Gill bringing the girls final placing to 74th. In a race with over a 100 runners this has to be a great bench mark for next year as they will still qualify for U13’s.
As for the boys, it didn’t quite go to plan, Nathan & Will Townsend weren’t quite in the zone and mentally prepared when the gun went off. Needless to say their start wasn’t their best. Joseph Howe had the best start but again the pace was relentless. Finishing 31st Nathan was rather disappointed with his day and Will ended up with an injury which he had picked up earlier in the week. Joseph Howe having another respectable day in 36th place.
In the U17’s a big field with again fast pace. Zac Howe being our only member had a challenging time but none the less came in top 100, Zacs opinion, fast just fast.


Horwich RMI Harriers had TEN representatives in a spectacular Competition.

Lancashire Sportshall 2009

The North West Regional Final of Indoor Sportshall for Under 11’s was held recently at Sportcity, Manchester. 8 Teams took part from the North West of England i.e. Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool.
All the young stars performed magnificently on the day in front of a crowd of 1,000 spectators, competing against top athletes from the North West. It was an unforgettable day and the Horwich RMI Coaches are extremely proud of all their efforts.
Congratulations to the following athletes that took part,
GIRLS Isobel Dean, Ellie Dacre, Maisie Vernon, Rebecca Greenfield, Natalie Armstrong and Madeleine Littlewood
BOYS James Yearn, Mackenzie Dacre, Jonah Saunders and Matthew Stocks
The Lancashire Under 11 Girls Team finished well in 5th Place, with the Boys finishing in 4th place overall.
Mark Dacre
Horwich RMI Harriers
Junior Coach

Red Rose XC Bolton 21st Nov 2009

Red Rose Bolton 2009

Horwich RMI Junior XC runners enjoyed another good day out at Leverhulme Park.

In the U11 boys Matthew Brindle was first home in what was a strong performance. Joshua Lomax and Max Dacre coming in 41 & 42 respectfully.

In the girls Maise Vernon made up good ground after a slow start finishing 16th with B McKenzie in 18th and Isobel Dean with 23rd. This was to be a high turnout for the girls as S McLarence came in 33rd, Ella Price 40th, O Bannister & Ellie Dacre 48th & 49th. Lucy Ault in 53rd bringing home a strong team of 8 girls which brought the girls in at a respectful 4th team position.

The U13’s Girls also had a team finishing 4th with first home for the team a reliable Phoebe Howe in 7th and Sophie Myers having her best race this season in 16th. Grace Shelmerdine strong in 20th and Martha Gill nursing an injury in 30th. J McLaughlin and Natassia Dacre enjoyed themselves in coming home in 44th & 45th. This is now becoming a well attended team and well positioned for more success.

Not to be outdone was the U13’s boys. First home Nathan Townsend in 4th, happy with his position closely followed by a steadfast Joseph Howe in 6th. This was looking good for a team result. Will Townsend carrying on his good performance from Bury finishing 15th with new boy Matthew Ball one second adrift in 16th. Cameron Critchley pushed for 19th and another new boy Sam Dean finishing 23rd. The team finished a well deserved joint first matching Blackburns for points.

In the U17’s Zac Howe, had a fantastic start leading the race for a while. The gamble paid off as he was rewarded with seasons best of 11th. A new tactic for Zac which he hopes to capitalise on as the season continues.

Lancashire Sportshall Athletics League, Blackpool Meeting 1 – 18th October 2009

A good turn out from our young Harriers at the first Sportshall of the season, with many athletes making their Sportshall debut!
Despite having lots of new, excited (and probably nervous!) faces, we picked up from where we left off last season, commanding a comfortable 3rd place behind the “Premiership” clubs of Blackpool and Preston, with a total of 172 points.

There where some excellent performances on the day, starting with the Under 11 Girls, who had the largest Horwich squad on the day. Isobel Dean came 2nd in the foam javelin, and overall, Sportshall “veteran” Ellie Dacre came 3rd with 15.5 points! In the boys Max Dacre won the target throw, and top scored for Horwich with 11 points!

In the Under 13 Girls, Grace Shelmerdine came 2nd in the 6 lap, while Gabrielle Whittle top scored for the club with 11 points, and James Lovell scored 15 points to top score for the Harriers in the Under 13 Boys!

Finally the Under 15’s, which saw Beth Miller and Matthew Ault as our only representatives, scored well in their events. Matthew only competed in the Shot, but it was worth it, winning the event with 8.91m. Beth stormed her events, winning the Speed Bounce and the Vertical Jump, and coming second in the 2 and 4 lap races, coming 2nd overall with 24 points.

In addition to the athletes, well done to all the parents who helped out to officiate, as we provided 12 officials, which we think is more than any other club! A big thank you to you all!

Congratulations to all the athletes on their performances and good luck to all the Under 11’s, who will all be in the running for a Lancashire call-up in the next few weeks!

Well Done and we hope to see you all again at the next event!

Mike Houghton
Tiffany Dacre
Mark Dacre
Horwich RMI Harriers & AC



Red Rose Cross Country League 7th Nov 2009

A big turnout at the Red Rose at Bury made a great day in the junior runners. For the 1st time we had a big team of U11’s. A dozen or so youngsters flocked to Pete Ramsdale to seek tips on the race. Like a shepherd with his flock he pointed and explained, run, just run.


Some fine performances from the boys, Matthew Brindle in 29th being the first boys in followed by Joseph Ball in 36th and then running together Jacob Barlow and Max Dacre 42nd & 43rd. Domenic Braund and Joshua Lomax did the same coming in 51st & 52nd. Boys U11’s finished 9th team.

The girls went 2 better and came home in 7th. This could have been better for Maisie Vernon having to pull up due to feeling sick. That didn’t stop Madeleine Littlewood in 12th and Isobel Dean in 16th having a fantastic first Cross country run. 38th place went to Kelly Wainwright, 43rd place to Emma Rayner. Still we had more to come Ellie Dacre in at 50th and O Bannister in at 58th.

In the U13’s Girls we had a strong team of 5 girls, unfortunately Phoebe Howe and Martha Gill not getting scored through the finish meant points robbed from us. That left Sophie Myer in at 20th, Grace Shelmerdine at 26th and Jodie McLaughlin in at 39th bringing the team home in 7th. The team would have been much higher had it not been for the misfortune of Phoebe and Martha.

In the u13’s boys the team came home in 2nd place with Nathan Townsend coming in 3rd having had a shocking start due to being spiked. Joseph Howe was home in 10th disappointed with his performance today, but he can be pleased to know without this place the team would have suffered. The race of the day in the Juniors had to go to Will Townsend who showed the pain in his face most of the race. This was rewarded with his best placing of the season in 13th a much improved performance. Reliable Cameron Critchley came in at 19th and a recovering Jonathan Powis a steady 31st.

Our only U17’s runner Zac Howe was please with his 13th placing after a quick pace was set early on. Nevertheless Zac always the upbeat happy to be the only representative for the club.

Andy Townsend

South East Lancs Cross Country Boggart Hole Clough

South East Lancs Cross Country Boggart Hole Clough, Salford
Saturday 31st October 2009

The second race in the South East Lancs cross country league took place at Boggart Hole in Salford on Saturday. It followed a week a good weather which resulted in the driest course for ages. These conditions resulted in times being a little quicker than usual as the routes stayed the same.

The first race of the day included Matthew Brindle in his first race with a club vest on. He worked very hard and enjoyed the experience. He ran very well and still had enough for a sprint finish to keep others behind. He completed the course in 6.16 in 8th place. The winner was Joe Kershaw from Oldham in 5.34.

We had a team of runners in the under 13 boys category and they all battled well for themselves and the team. Nathan Townsend produced a really solid performance against some ‘really big guys’ to finish an excellent 3rd in 8.26. Next was Cameron Critchley, who was a little disappointed with his run, but he shouldn’t be because, he came 9th in 9.26. To complete the team Will Townsend was 11th in 9.44. Jonathon Powis added extra red and black to the finishing funnel with a really gutsy display. Still struggling with the remains of a cough he finished 13th in 10.21 The team scored 20pts to finish 3rd but with the first team scoring 19pts and the second team also 20pts placed 2nd on count back – that’s really close. Well done guys.

Also running in the Under 13’s category was Martha Gill. She was our only female representative in his race and she battled really hard in her first cross country race this winter after a break in training and competition due to illness. She finished 8th in 10.27. Well done Martha.

SEL Boggart 2009

England Athletics 2009 Award Winners "Junior Club of the Year" – Horwich RMI Harriers & AC


Last night our Club received a highly prestigious award from England Athletics at the Hall of Fame Awards in Birmingham in front of many famous Athletes and Coaches.

We were awarded “Junior Club of the Year” for 2009 – putting this into context, as I am sure it was said last night, there are 1,300 athletic clubs in England! So this some achievement.

Photos for EA Awards Night 2009

Name Dropping!

Famous people present at the awards included : David Hemery, Steve Backley, Darren Campbell, Christian Malcolm, Jonathan Edwards, Noel Thatcher, George Bunner, Dorothy Tyler and even the daughter of the legendary Harold Abrahams! The chiefs of Engand Athletics and UKA Athletics were there too!

There were too many names to mention.

You can see a report on the website www.englandathletics.org


We would not have received this prestigious award if it had not been for the fantastic support we receive from our “volunteers”, i.e. coaches, officials, administrators, helpers and even “butty-makers” and our own committee.

We must not forget the help and support that is provided by the Horwich and District Primary & Secondary Schools and Bolton Arena for their services. Also, Horwich Rotary, as we must not forget they donated £ 4,000 4 years ago to buy the indoor sportshall equipment (and continue to support us every year!).

If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me as I am still in shock at our Club receiving such an award.

One thing I must say is that we have the most fantastic young athletes, none better, who continue to amaze us with their enthusiasm for training and great spirit for the sport of athletics. We have great sportsmanship and a willingness to help others as has been shown recently by some of the athletes even becoming Coaches too. Everyone wants to do their best and also wants to help each other which is truly amazing.

On behalf of the Club, a BIG thank you once again and if anyone is interested in our club continuing to get better and better, please let me know. In particular, we are now getting to the stage, where we need more coaches to support our young athletes. So if anyone is interested please let me know or any of our coaches.

Please continue your support. Thanks and well done to the whole of the Club!

Kind regards

Mark Dacre
Junior Coach
Horwich RMI Harriers & AC

PS Dont forget Indoor Sportshall starts next Sunday 18/10/2009 at Blackpool.

Horwich Juniors @ Mid Lancs

In near perfect conditions our junior team of only 3 found the pace of the U13’s race faster than last weeks Red Rose. The field was 50 boys strong and 35 girls strong in the same race of u15’s.

First home in 12th with 11:31 was Jo Howe who had a strong race beating some of last weeks competitors and satisfied he couldn’t have done more. Close on his heels and finishing 14th in 11:39 with 2 other runners across the line in same time was Nathan Townsend. After recognising he had beaten all his closest rivals was please with his performance. Another sterling run from Will Townsend brought him in at 32nd in 12:43 again beating some of last weeks runners from Witton Park.

The only cloud for the team is not having 4 runners meant they didn’t have a full team of four. After the team came 2nd Last week due to Jonathan or Cameron not being able to make it meant no results. A second would have been on the cards again if we have had a full squad.

Jo’s brother Zac Howe had a challenging day being our only U17’s runner. The race again was quick and Zac having had a good season on the Fells just couldn’t find the pace today. Nevertheless a respectable 22nd place wasn’t a true picture of what we are looking forward to from Zac this season.

English Schools Fell Champs

On the 27th September at Sedbergh in Cumbria a number of Horwich Juniors represented their schools and pride of place went to Phoebe Howe who won the U/11 Race which consisted of 2miles with 720 foot of ascent, after leading throughout she finished in a remarkable seventh place overall only beaten by six boys and broke the course record by 40 seconds. She was presented with her Gold Medal by Joss Naylor O.B.E. We had two other competitors in this race with Will Townsend 19th after taking a nasty fall and Johnathan Powis 10 seconds behind in 20th. In the U/13 race Joseph Howe ran well for 26th place and in the U/15 race a 3.5 mile race Zach Howe did well and finished 15th. All the children deserve credit for racing these tough courses considering this year is their first on the Fells.

Tony Hesketh

Another Award Win

Following on from winning the North West award for Junior Club of the Year, the club has had more success with Mike Houghton, Rebecca Keating, Rachel Pearson, Jack Thomas and Tiffany Dacre winning the North West award for Young Volunteers (U 23) of the Year.

Mike, Rebecca, Rachel, Jack and Tiffany won for all their work in Coaching across a range of ages and events and in developing the Track and Field section.

Well done to them all


Young Horwich RMI Harriers strike “Gold” at Wigan

Congratulations to Gabrielle Whittle, Isobel Dean, Nathan Townsend, Jonah Saunders & Callum Gordon of Horwich RMI Harriers, who all won Gold Medals in the Arnold Seddon Memorial Track and Field Athletics Meeting which took place on 19th September 2009 held at Wigan.

This was the penultimate outdoor meeting for the 2009 season for Under 15 athletes. Over 200 children from all over the country took part & Horwich RMI Harriers turned out 26 athletes on the day. To win medals in a major event like this is a tremendous achievement. On the day we recorded many Personal Bests and won a record 22 Medals in total!

A fantastic achievement for all MEDAL WINNERS and well done to our other competitors, who all performed magnificently on the day.


Report for Telford Games and Blackpool Open meetings

A number of Horwich RMI Harriers were out at the weekend making the most if the weather in some end of season competitions.

Natassia Dacre travelled down to the Midlands to compete in the prestigious Telford Games and was rewarded with a new club record in the Javelin. Natassia, competing in the U 13 age group came up against the Welsh number 1 yet threw further than she had done before to pick up the silver medal and move to 16th on the UK rankings. For good measure Natassia then also finished 3rd in the Discus.

A few Horwich RMI Harriers competed at the Blackpool Medal Meeting. Callum Gordon had a good day winning both the 80m and 600m races for the U 9 boys smashing the clubs records in the process. Laura Taylor picked a silver and bronze in the hurdles and Long Jump and Laura’s brother Adam earned a silver in the Hammer. Gabrielle Whittle completed the medal haul with a bronze in the Hurdles.

Full results.

English Junior Fell race Darwen Gala.

Tony Hesketh has some junior fell runners under him as a coach and at weekend his team did rather well.

In a field of 33 finishers we had 4 runners. In a 2 mile race the pace at the front was fast and hard and the top 9 places were all from different clubs.

Conditions were great and support for the runners was clear as many voices shouted for Horwich all the way around.

First Horwich runner home AND first Lancashire person was Nathan Townsend in 6th place having a storming finish beating 2 of his local rivals on his way down. This gave Nathan the Lancs Gold medal for the boys. His time of 16.33 was a respectable time as he and the RMI junior team never had run this course before.

Next was Phoebe Howe in 10th with a time of 16.57 giving her the silver after just being beat by her local rival.

Will Townsend and Jonathan Powis came home 15th & 16th respectfully excellent runs from both boys who stuck and encouraged each other all the way around.

Albeit these are very respectable time this team will still qualify next year for U12 category as they have all only just turned 11.

There was no team prize but if there had been Horwich would have won first 3 and first 4 home, all in all a great day for the juniors.

Not to be outdone, Jo Howe had a super run in the U14s come in a respectable 15th being our only representative and being the 4th Lancs runner home, marginally missed out on a bronze medal.

This is a show of fine work Tony is doing with the Junior team .

Andy Townsend.

Mid Lancs Medal Meeting

Match report – Mid Lancs League Medal Meeting, Robin Park, Wigan, 22nd Aug

The final meeting of the Mid Lancs League was the Medal Meeting, this year held at Robin Park, Wigan.

21 Horwich athletes turned out to compete for the coveted medals with some great performances being seen in all the age groups.

Helena Lawton kicked off the medal haul for Horwich with a bronze in the Senior Women’s 100m and she was later to collect a further bronze in the javelin event.

The U13 age group collected 5 medals with silvers for Gabrielle Whittle in both the 100m and the high jump, Nathan Barlow won silver in the 200m and Natassia Dacre won silver in the javelin.

The U15s saw Beth Miller win bronze medal in the 100m and for the U17s Rebekah Atkinson gained a silver in the 3000m and Laura Tunstall another silver in the javelin.

The biggest medal haul for Horwich came from the Seniors section with 8 medals being won with Alison Storey taking 2 silvers in the discus and long jump and a bronze in the shot, Lawton’s 2 bronze for the 100m and the javelin, Matthew Storey taking gold in the javelin and Jack Thomas winning the bronze in the same event.

A special mention to the Senior Men’s 4 X 100m relay team of Andrew Storey, Mike Houghton, Matthew Storey and Jack Thomas who took the medal in a new club record time of 48.6s.

At the end of the meeting Horwich Team Manager, Suzanne Saunders, collected the Division Two trophies for both the Horwich Men’s and Women’s sections who both finished 1st in their respective leagues and are now promoted to the Division 1.


Primary School League
Medal Meeting
17 July 2009

55 Trophies were won by the young Horwich RMI Harrier Superstars at the final meeting held at Robin Park Athletics Stadium, Wigan for the 2009 season for Year 3 to 6 Primary School ages. Horwich turned out a fantastic record of 34 athletes on the night.

This event was the last in a series of meetings designed for Primary School children to try out and compete in a selection of different athletic disciplines under a League competition with Chorley and Wigan Harriers. The League was won by Wigan for the 3rd Year in a row, however, Horwich and Chorley are getting closer. Over the 3 League meetings Horwich RMI Harriers had 49 different athletes competing, which is also another record.

In the Medal Meeting, Horwich RMI Harriers won 14 Gold, 21 Silver and 20 Bronze Trophies. In addition 3 new club records were set by Nathan Townsend in the 600m, Holly Clark in the Soft Javelin and Isobel Dean in the Cricket Ball throw. There was a host of new personal bests!

Some other highlights included 1st places for the Girls from Phoebe Howe, Sophie Williams, Alex Woods, Ella Price, Holly Clark and Isobel Dean. For the Boys, 1st places came from Nathan Townsend, Jonah Saunders, Liam Wright, Callum Gordon and Matthew Stocks.

Trophies and Medals were presented by Don Moss from Wigan and a big thanks to Wigan Harriers for hosting such a super night. Also, thanks for the grateful support of the Parents and Volunteers on the night.


Primary League Medal Meeting July 09

Mid Lancs. Meeting – Litherland – 8th August 2009

The final league meeting at Litherland saw 22 Horwich athletes turn out to protect the 1st places already held by both the men’s and the women’s sections.

This meeting would decide the final league positions and see who would gain promotion.

The Horwich contingent, as always, stepped up to the mark and produced some fantastic results.

Notable results were seen by Natassia Dacre achieving 1st places in the shot, javelin and discus for the U13G, Noah Saunders achieving 1st places in the 100m and 200m for the U13B and a 2nd place in the javelin, Sophie Williams achieving 1st places in the 100m and the long jump for the U13G and another 2nd in the javelin.

Jack Shaw produced a 1st place performance in the U15B javelin and new comer Alex Todd came 2nd in both the U15B 100m and 200m.

Zac Howe was the sole U17M in the team this week and produced a 1st place performance in the 1500m.

The U17W secured a 1st place in the javelin for Laura Tunstall and a 3rd place for Rebekah Atkinson in the 3000m.

The senior section consisted of 8 athletes with Mike Houghton securing 1st place in the triple jump, 2nd in the long jump, with a new club record of 4.91m and equalled the existing Senior men’s club record of 12.6s in the 100m.

Andrew Storey came 2nd in the triple jump and 4th in the long jump to secure further vital points for the team.

Trevor Williams, the oldest member of the team, came 3rd in both the shot and discus and 2nd in the javelin.

A special mention to Mark Dacre who produced a heroic run in the 400m to secure yet more points for the final tally.

The senior women were represented by Alison Storey and Helena Lawton who produced yet more outstanding performances with a 1st place in the discus for Alison together with two 3rd places in the shot and the long jump and Helena gained a 2nd place in the senior women’s javelin and a 3rd place in the 100m.


Suzanne Saunders
Team Manager
Mid Lancs. League