Gareth Back at the Front.

Hollins Green 5k Road Race Sat 30th May

An excellent 5k course, in so much that it was flat enough, and had a nice setting outside the Black Swan, with the start, finish, and the first 1k marker all within 50m.
Gareth Booth confessed to liking the race which he has attended for the last three years clocking – 17.58 (27th) in 2007 – 16.49 (10th) in 2008 and this year another nice progression to 16.17 and first place, on a super sunny day that was maybe just a little too hot for some. Alastair Murray made a late decision to run and I think was satisfied with his fourth overall just ten seconds behind Gareth


Duddon Fell Races 30th May

Long race:18 miles / 6000ft; Short race 11 miles / 3000ft climb

A race to which a few of the Harriers have ventured over the years, although only two turned out this time on a clear sunny day in the Lakes. Stuart Edmondson came 2nd in the short race in a time of 1:45:48 – within a minute of the winning time so it must have been close over the last couple of miles. I endured the hell that was the long race, with thoughts only of finishing on a day that was much too hot and still for my liking. I achieved that in 5 hours 12 minutes, 183rd out of 208 finishers, which counts as a fair re result for me on long race, could have been a lot better if I hadn’t been reduced to walking much of the last few miles of relatively flat ridge running.

Colin Waterworth

Harrock Hill – Wed 27th May

The Harrock Hill series kicked off with a slippier than usual course with one or two tumbles en route, but this didn’t stop Paul Muller (34.38) continuing his come back from injury to take 3rd overall and of course his usual first 0/50 slot. Paul Boardman continues to impress, not just with his race ratio, but with his improving performances, Paul finished 9th in 36.18. Ian Hepburn ran well and clocked 37.21 for 13th, and Albert Sunter stretched his legs after Jura to take 18th in 38.57. Mick Crook collected the first 0/60 with an impressive 30th overall in 40.20. Pete Ramsdale and Mark Sammon were our final two runners finishing 64th and 86th respectively.


Joss Naylor Challenge 23rd May

Most folk who have completed the Bob Graham Round or the Joss Naylor Challenge will agree that the contender may not have the easiest job on the day, but certainly has the most straightforward. You just pretend that you’re one of those fluffy little bunnies and if you’ve got your Duracells in, you’ll get there in the end. The guys with the real challenge are those who navigate for you, carry the kit, make sure that all the other support is in the right place at the right time and ensure that the tea is hot and sweet at the road crossings. You just keep putting one leg in front of the other until someone says “Stop!”.

And so it was on my Joss Naylor when we left Pooley Bridge just a few minutes after our scheduled start time of 4:00 a.m last Saturday. I was accompanied by Karl Taylor, Ian Charters and my brother John. Ian, having completed his own Joss just five weeks before in a time of 14:14 was to run the whole distance with me and was to do his full share of navigating and carrying. We were seen off by Julie Laverock of Salford who many of you will know from the Tuesday track sessions. Julie was to mastermind the road support and the hot sweet tea.

For information, the Joss Naylor Traverse runs from Pooley Bridge to Greendale Bridge in Wasdale, taking in 30 tops, forty odd miles and approx 17,000 feet of climbing. The older you are, the more time Joss allows you. As a 62 year old I was allowed 18 hours.

Karl ran effortlessly though to Kirkstone pass where Julie waited with the tea. At that point we were well ahead of schedule. He continued though to Grizedale Hause before turning back his car at Patterdale. We drank tea at Dunmail Raise where we were joined by Steve Kenyon. Ray Stafford had joined the road support. Then the long run over to Styhead where we met all the support, including John Coope, Ray Stafford, Pauline Charters, Nicole Kirkham, plus our guides for the final section, local man Peter Ferris and the eponymous Joss.

So it was that seven of set to off complete the final section, starting with the stiff climb up Great Gable. It was around that point, after running for twelve hours, that I started to feel tired! Fell seriously behind my own 17 hour schedule on that final section, but finally finished in 17:53, just 7 minutes inside my allotted 18 hours. A big thank you to the whole team.

For the record, John Coope, Ray Stafford, John Swift, Ian Charters and presumably Joss Naylor had all previously completed the Challenge ~ my time was the slowest.

Ed Swift.”

Bowley Hill Trail Race

Paul Muller and myself did the Bowley Trail Race at Gt Harwood on Monday classed as a trail race it was almost a fell race over 5.5 miles. Entry was free if you paid to enter the Country Show so 45 runners started. Paul was an excellent second to Andy McFarland of Clayton who took the £50 prize money for first man. I was sixth and first over sixty, the race was tough due to the high temperatures, If you like to see Horses, Dogs, Cattle etc, then this is a show to visit.


Clifton Country Park Trail Race.

The inaugural Clifton Country Park 4.5 Miles Trail Race took place on a warm, sunny Sunday morning (24th May). Three Horwich Harriers took part with Rob Jackson leading the way in 2nd place (1st Veteran over 40). Rob was running on his local training area and shared the lead with eventual winner, Salford Harrier Paul Savage, until the final half mile. Paul Boardman kept up his prolific race schedule to finish in a fine 5th place (1st Veteran over 45). Finally, Beth Faulkner put in a super effort to finish 23rd overall and 5th lady.

2nd Annual Sage Burner 50k/5200ft Trail Race on May 23, 2009

Got a nice report from Jason Hodgson over the weekend who is still flying the flag for Horwich in his now adopted home in Colorado Springs. Jason has been back in serious training of late knocking out the miles at over 100 a week in preparation for the Sage Burner 50k. As you can see from the attached results he did exceptionally well finishing in 9th place overall in 4.52.09. The course was pretty tough, not just for the distance at 50k but also for the footage at over 5000ft. The location of the run, Hartman Rocks, located just south of Gunnison, starts at an elevation of 7700 feet and climbs to 8390, so there was also the added problem of running at altitude. Jason had set a target to run sub five hours so was very pleased to be well under.

I did find it very amusing to read the Blog reports from a couple of the competitors, this guy below was describing Jason, who must have had a laugh at it.

-At a little after two hours into the race I noticed air was coming intermixed with water through my drink tube, which means only one thing, I was running out of water. 70 ounces in just over two hours? It didn’t seem as though I was drinking that much, but so be it. At about the same point I noticed on one of the several winding switchbacks that there was a runner behind me. It was difficult to gauge how far back because the course was so twisty that sometimes he looked as though he was 2 mins back, then on long stretches it was more like 10 mins back (over a mile) and I couldn’t even see him. I recognized him as a guy I noted at the start, this very tall dude dressed like he was starting a road 5k, singlet and high split shorts with finely shaved thoroughbred race horse legs, veins popping out of tight skin covered muscles. At the start I pegged him as the winner of the 25k, so I was a bit alarmed to have this 1% body fat giant chasing me around in the desert terrain. After thinking about it, I nudged the pace up just a hair and focused on never walking unless running was impossible on a particularly steep climb. I would hit those climbs at a fast pace and scamper up as much as efficiently possible, then break into my best Karl Meltzer mountain speed hike -.

If you want a little more light! – reading then have a look at this Blog account of one mans race, I must admit I did have a laugh, although I’m sure seeing the fun side was not intentional, definitely American – sorry Rosalie! The jargon reminds me more of a of Mickey Spillane’s novel than a runners Blog.

Race results:

Ian Hesketh Memorial Duathlon

(Or Baz wins a prize!!)

It’s a great local event which I have taken part in for the last few years. This year I was the only member of our club taking part .. extra pressure. It consists of a 5k run, 15 mile bike ride, then another 5k run to finish .. all based around Rivington Village.

With only a limited time spent training on my bike it was always going to be a challenge, this meant that I had to go from the gun managing 20.27 ( 27th fastest ) for the first 5k, a quick transition and out on the bike for three laps ( Rivvy village, the Milestone, Scholes Bank, the Bottom Barn then back to the start ) a few sharp hills meant a few lost places 50.06 ( 36th fastest ). Off the bike and tried to and get my legs to run again (it’s hard try it sometime) managed to pull back a few places in the first half mile ended up with 22.15 (25th fastest). A super event, over subscribed again this year with the first four all vets.

It turned out that I was second vet 50 (with first vet 50 being 3rd overall) which meant that I got the 1st V50 prize, a really nice surprise.

If you have got a bike why not give it a try next year, great fun.



Hutton Roof Fell Race – 7m/1300 Sat 23rd May

This year the race hosted the Inter Counties Fell Championship with three club members representing their counties. Katie Ingram (54.20) led the way in 2nd place for Lancashire – who also collected the silver medals. Katie is just back after a two month lay off through injury and did great for second, with only England International Olivia Walwyn in front. Helping Lancashire to second was Suzanne Budgett (59.13) who had a super run, Suzanne rose to the occasion and pulled through the field from her early position of 17th to a fine 9th at the end. Geraldine Walkington (69.04) had the honour of running for Greater Manchester and took the first lady 0/50 in the bargain. Karl Ward ran in the open race and did well for 68th in 56.37. Mark Sammon continues with his experience of fell running trying out Hutton, which he enjoyed and ran 85.20.


Jubilee Race – Wed 20th May

The weather was certainly not hospitable for this the first race in the Jubilee series, but it certainly didn’t stop Ben Fish from posting a great time of 24.54 as he won from last years winner Gareth Booth (27.09) who was very pleased to be just 18 seconds slower than last year. Gareth is just returning to some sort of form and raced exceptionally well, pulling away strongly from Neil Pendlebury on the second lap.
Steve Nolan ran well for our second man home in 9th place running marginally slower than last year with 28.06. Glyn Kay clocked a solid 28.30 to be our third team counter, with Simon Parkinson (29.14) making up the team in 17th place and taking over a minute from last years time, well done Simon.

The ladies could not quite pull off a first team place, but second team was fine with Gaynor Higson leading the way in 34.46 and 10th lady. Christine Boardman continues to improve on her times with a favourable improvement of 29 seconds from last year. Making up the team and racing well at the moment was Kath Swindells in 42.40, well done ladies. It wasn’t a massive turn out from the club with just 17 runners, but 14% of the field is not bad.

Full results for all club members at:

Jubilee may

The 22nd British Masters Open Road Relay Men’s O/40 Championships

Congratulations to Col Rigby and his team of over 40s, who claimed the highest position ever attained by Horwich RMI in this prestigious relay at Sutton Park in Birmingham.
Colin set the team up with our fastest time of the day (15.27) on the first leg and handed over to Steve Nolan in 7th place, then a solid run by Steve in 16.09. It was then the turn of our fell specialist James Logue, would it be too hilly for him, would he be able to find his way round the course with no map or bumbag! Of course he would, and with our second fastest time of the day (15.59) he moved us up to 6th. It was now up to the 2 “fatboys” from Radcliffe, Adie and Steve, could they hang on, could they keep us in the top 20, people were staring as they struggled to get into their vests, “not much room in there said one passer by” I thought he meant the tent. Spectators chuckled as they arrived on the start line but they were aghast as Adie flew round in 16.27 and then Steve in 16.33, we were 7th (Phew), what a show these lads had put on. It was now up to Paul, the sage of the show (oldest) just back from a terrible injury he ran as only he knows how, brilliantly in 16.29 and we were back in 6th. Next on was our latest recruit Garry running in his first relay at this level, and he ran solidly (17.50) to keep the team in 7th. Next on was Clemmy, running the last leg just in case any of his 53 injuries stopped him from completing the leg and letting his mates down, no problem, armed with a brand new pair of racers (similar to Ducky’s ) he flew round and kept the team in 7th with 17.06 – brilliant.

A very enjoyable day – good crack.

Col Rigby 15.27 7th
Steve Nolan 16.09 7th
James Logue 15.59 6th
Adie Selby 16.27 7th
Steve Duckworth 16.33 7th
Paul Muller 16.29 6th
Garry Chadderton 17.50 7th
Nigel Clementson 17.06 7th

Pete Bland

Vets 8 Stage

Chester Half Marathon

One for a Half …..

I was the only Horwich runner in the Shell Chester Half Marathon, a great challenging course. This year they where using chips but it was the gun time that counted so making sure I was near the front was the plan.
My training this year has been very inconsistent so didn’t know what I could do, knew the distance wouldn’t be a problem and so decided to run at 7 min pace 90% 150 ish bpm. The first few miles are downhill (the last few miles are the reverse).
Miles one, two and three went according to my plan I hit the 3 mile marker at 20.42 not feeling too bad – I had hidden behind a BIG guy on the windy stretches.
Then while deep in thought about my race plan I tripped over my own shoe and fell really heavily (on flat smooth tarmac !) picking myself up I flew down the road overtaking everybody who had gone past me hitting the 5 mile marker in 35.03, pain almost gone by then, not the blood! lots of photo’s and nice comments from the crowd … by the way I really think those shoes work. Focused on my stride length and heart rate, averaging 150, so pleased with the effort. The course loops around up to the 8 mile mark (56 12) then starts a long climb back to the start. At 10 miles I was 71.44 but I was tiring now and the adrenaline effect from the fall was beginning to wear off, crossing the line in 1 hr 36 mins 10 sec’s, very pleased. Straight off to the first aid tent to get cleaned up, then it rained . WOW did it rain, what a shame for the 2 hour plus people! I finished 254 out of 2100, roll on next year.


Fairfield Horseshoe – 9m/3000ft Sat May 16th.

Dave Milliken continued with his excellent fell results, finishing 8th and first 0/40 in a time of 1.26.19, (this was after his super run at Buttermere the previous week were he finished 7th in a very competitive race – up front.) Ian Hepburn and Suzanne Budgett nearly finished hand in hand with Ian clocking 1.48.06 for 90th place and Suzanne just four seconds behind in 91st. Geraldine Walkington managed to stay in front of husband Pete in 193rd place, with Pete in 203rd running 2.06.09.

Thanks to Denis for photos.


White Peak Marathon – Sat 16th May

Niccole Makes It Fourth Time Lucky

Many congratulations to Nicole Kirkham who ran 3.52.19 finishing 81st overall and third 0/50 lady in the White Peak Marathon, an off road marathon that follows the Tissington trail in Derbyshire – an old disused railway line.

Nicole’s passion to do a marathon started several years ago when she first entered the Blackpool marathon only to miss out when taken into hospital for a minor operation.

She tried again only to be thwarted with a bad shoulder injury, and a third time with a foot injury, each time with the race entered and the start line in sight. Once again it seemed the gremlins had struck as she developed a knee injury just four days before this latest attempt to complete a marathon. A severe migraine a couple of days before the race looked to have again sealed her fate, but with a suitable dose of pain killers, a knee support and a burning ambition to do it, she made the race start and completed the course, highly elated to have got under the four hour barrier. Well done Nicole.


Russell Takes National Title

Russell Maddams took the 50k English National Ultra Distance Championship title in a brilliant time of 3.06.59 on a 14 lap course at Boddington in Gloucestershire at the weekend. Running in wet and windy conditions – not particularly conducive to fast times – Russell ran the race of his life clocking a near perfect negative split.
This championship win means a place in the England team for his international debut in Gibraltar later this year. To give perspective to his time, it would have ranked Russ 5th in the world last year!

Russell had tough competition and only took the lead on the last lap after a race long battle with Dutch 100k specialist Pieter Vermeesch (3.08.56) and 3rd placed, top ranked England International Julian Rendall (3.12.37), Russ’s time I believe puts him ranked number one in the country this year. Russ finished in good form showing little in the way of the tiredness that you would associate with a race of this distance, which is a credit to his race preparation. He will now take a good few weeks well earned recovery training.


Chorley Park Series. Friday 15th May

James Back At The Front.

James Kevan took the honours with a PB of 16.33 – for this course. His tough race on Wednesday night at Haigh Hall did not in any way inhibit his performance as he cruised to victory with a winning margin of 21 seconds from club mate Gary Priestley (16.54), who chased him all the way. It’s great to see both lads back from injury and getting back into some decent form. Gareth Booth was our next counter in 6th place running 18.10, with Paul Boardman (19.19) running very well to take the first vet overall and 9th place. Carl Balshaw (21.14) continued his heavy race program finishing well in 24th place, with Barry Allman completing our entries finishing 37th in 22.38.

Great to see seven Horwich juniors running in the junior race.


Calendar Photos

This is currently how the calendar pages will look – thanks to Carl Balshaw. We are still experimenting with the format, I just need you to continue with your nominations with a photo from the Blog each month – it would be nice to get different athletes each month and not always our front runners. So please send in your April nomination now, Thanks.

Gary Wins Bronze at Lancashire Champs – 9th May

Gary Priestley ran a new 5k PB of 16.00.10 when finishing third in this championship race at Stanley Park Blackpool. Gary had already collected a 10k PB the previous weekend when representing his Uni at the BUCS Championships in Bedford, this time running a fine 32.33.18. Gary finished 11th overall and 6th U/23 in a quality field of 21 runners, with the winner Phil Hinch running 30.22.38. Gary hopes to continue with his track races this year and will be looking to the Mid Lancs League for further improvements during the coming months.

Haigh Hall Series 4m Mile – Wed 13th May

A tough battle ensued at the front as James Kevan (20.51) took the early initative and pushed on to take the lead, matching strides with Nick Leigh of Altrincham for most of the race, with Nick just having the strength at the end to pull away by 6 seconds, a good race to watch. Third overall was Colin Rigby (21.29) and first 0/40 – who pulled through the front end of the field going past a fast starting Alastair Murray (21.31) who hung on well for fourth. Steve Nolan (22.21) made up the winning team for us in 8th place, and also took the first 0/45. Simon Parkinson (23.21) ran well for 16th place, with Denis Mason (23.53) not far behind in 21st. Paul Boardman chalked up another race, this time clocking 24.11 for 25th place.
Suzanne Budgett (24.56) was our next runner in,taking first 0/45 and second lady overall, having chased Maria Lowe of Wigan all the way with just 18 seconds separating them at the end. Carl Balshaw (26.32) looked comfortable in 57th place, but Pete Bland (28.06) had to work hard in the early stages – see photo- as he and close rival Barry Allman (29.40) continued their excellent inter club battle, with Pete taking the honours again. In Barry’s defence he did say he had to have a pit stop – again!
Christine Boardman (28.34) continues to improve, this time taking Barry’s scalp after his sprint past her on the line at Belmont. Gill Burnell continued her collection of first 0/55 prizes running 33.09 for 131st place overall, and Kath Swindell (34.43) after a tough track session the night before did great for 139th place.

Sorry the photos are a bit below standard, but it was a bit dark for my camera.



Haigh hall


Apologies to Mick Kay whose membership was doubted at Coniston – not being on the membership list, although not processed –through late arrival – Mick had payed up, sorry Mick, hope you liked your photo at Belmont.

Fellsman 61 mile/11000ft 9/10th May

Congratulations To Karl Taylor who took a massive 2hrs 24 mins from his previous PB to finish 41st in this years Fellsman in a time of 15.19 mins

A report from Karl indicated that it wasn’t a bad day, starting a little cold and drizzly, a bit more rain followed, by two hours of pretty shocking weather, driving wind and hail that made the going quite difficult. After this though the rest of the day was okay just the continued wind. The majority of the course was across pretty difficult terrain which he found hard going, Fleet Moss in particular this year was pretty tough with Karl going up to his knees at least twice – all part of the fun. Great food again kept everyone going.!! Karl felt pretty strong even at the end, with only one real low between Redshaw and Fleet Moss when he found it difficult to eat. He is now feeling much more confident about his BG at the end of June

Ian and Pauline Charters were also taking part but walking, they finished in 23:33 190th place after being grouped with a slow party during the night, and making a nav error on Great Whernside. 238 competed..


2 athletes – 5 medals

Athletics meeting Trafford Open 04.05.2009

Noah & Jonah Saunders competed in the 2nd Trafford Open of the year and collectively received 5 medals.

Noah Saunders U13s

75m – 11.2s 1st place – Gold
150m – 23.0 s 3rd place – bronze
Discus – 10.7m 3rd place – bronze

Jonah Saunders U11s

Discus – 9.20m 2nd place – Silver & Club Record
Shot – 4.40m 2nd place – Silver & PB

Report for Lancashire Championships

Laura Taylor produced the run of her life to win the Lancashire U 13s hurdles title at the weekend and in doing so smash both the Club and the County Championship record.

Laura had only contested the 70 m Hurdles once before but ran confidently in her heat to finish in second place despite hitting a hurdle to qualify for the final. In the final she knew that she would have to run at least half a second faster than her heat to win and this she did and in the process broke the Championship Record. Laura also was close to her best in both the Long Jump and 100m making the finals in these events as well.

Also in the medals was Gary Priestly who had a solid run to finish 3rd in the Senior 5000m.

Full results :-

Seniors – 5000m Gary Priestly 16.00.1 3rd

Under 17 – 800m Zac Howe 2.14.1, 1500m Zac Howe 4.42.6

Under 13 – 100m Laura Taylor 15.0 7th, 800m Pheobe Howe 2.55.3, 1500m Joseph Howe 5.22.1, 70 m Hurdles Laura Taylor 12.6 1st CBP, Long Jump Laura Taylor 3.88 8th

Your Club Social Night

June sees the re-launch of our club social night – the first one is Tues 2nd June from 8pm-ish onwards. The venue is the pub closest to the Bolton Arena, the Harvester. Please spread the word about this – the more the merrier! Whether for a quick drink or whether you are feeling bit peckish after any track session, and fancy a bite to eat, we hope you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of the club. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sarah Norgate

Mid Lancs Blackpool – 18th April 2009

What an opener and what a turn out on a fine sunny day in Blackpool. 25 athletes competed on the day with 7 debut performances.

Highlights of the competition were the achievements of AAA standard by:-

Hannah Storey U15G 100m 13.6s G4
Beth Miller U15G 100m 13.4s G4
Laura Taylor U13G LJ 3.81m G4
Tassia Dacre U13G Javelin 16.67m G4
Gabrielle Whittle U13G 100m 14.2s G3
Gabrielle Whittle U13G 200m 29.7s G3

There were wins by both U13 Relay Teams with times of:-

62s for the girls team. Lucy Keating, Laura Taylor, Gabrielle Whittle and Sophie Williams.
61.7s for the boys team. Nathan Townsend, Noah Saunders, Isaak Dickinson and James Lovell.

After the total tally of points, Horwich Womens team top the table with 115.5 points and the mens team on 105 pts hold 2nd place.

Thanks for all who helped on the day and I look forward to seeing you in Hyndburn on 30th May.

Suzanne Saunders
Horwich RMI Harriers and Athletics Club
Team Manager

Full results

Junior Fell Championship 2009

Junior Fell Championship Best six results from nine races (Scoring 10 points for first in age group down to 1 point for 10th place)

May 4th Wray Caton from Wray Nr Lancaster Village Fair and Scarecrows 11.35a.m 1.5 ml

May 9th Belmont Winter Hill 12.30 p.m

May 31st Saddleworth Nr Oldham 11.00 a.m

June 4th Henderson End Rivington 1.9 ml 6.30 p.m

June 20th Clougha Pike Quernmore Nr Lancaster 2.00 p.m

June 28th English Junior Championships Patterdale .75 ml (Five Bonus Points for each Horwich Junior) running 1.00 p.m Country Fair at venue

August 5th Whittle Pike Rossendale 7.00p.m

August 12th Piilgrims Cross Helmshore 6.30 p.m

August 22nd Darwen Gala Junior Race 1.00 p.m

I will do my best to get to most of the races listed but if I don’t make it and you do can you forward a result sheet to me and I will produce a championship sheet as the season progresses

We are still meeting at the Arena on a Monday at 6.30 until 7.30 p.m for track work

Tony & Brenda Hesketh tel 01204 668183 or 07973 302432

Golden Ball 5k Lancaster –Sun 10th May

Gareth Back On Form

Gareth Booth (15.55) went close to his 15.42 PB when winning the race from Rick Hayman of Sale.

Gareth tucked in behind Hayman until the final 300m before putting in one of his famous track speed bursts to win by 3 seconds. Gareth was pleased with his performance knowing that he is still not back to full training after his time off through injury. Karl Ward also made the trip to Lancaster recording 17.31 for 13th place, that’s more like it!


Belmont Winter Hill – 4.5m/1000ft. Sat 9th May

Twenty nine Harriers turned out for the club in this local fell race. The weather fortunately held off, but the going underfoot was a bit soggy in places.

Darren Kay (33.25) led from the gun, and paced the race wisely always keeping James Kevan (33.52) at bay and in the end won comfortably. James chased hard and did well, but needs a few more races to be truly back on form. Alastair Murray (36.12) in 6th made up the winning team, but didn’t relish the rough downhill sections – at the moment! Rob Howarth (37.05) ran well for the first 0/50, as did Tony Hesketh ( 41.01) for the first 0/60.

Suzanne Budgett finished second overall and collected the first 0/40 prize leading in the ladies for first team, with Geraldine Walkington our second lady missing out on first 0/50 by just seven seconds. Rachel Metcalfe running her local race made up the ladies winning team, with Bethan Faulkner collecting the first U/18. 155 ran




Jubilee Races 2009 – Help Wanted

The Jubilee Series of Races Requires Marshalls and Officials to enable the event to be a success.

The Races are on Wednesday 20th May, 17th June, 15th July, 19th August.

We require registration staff from 6.00 to 7.30 (so you could race as well!) and Marshalls from 7.30 to 8.30 and Finish Teams from 7.30- 9.00

All help would be appreciated, please contact Martin Banks on 07958 717075 or Pete Ramsdale at

Thanks Martin

Junior Athletes of the Month – April 2009

Congratulations to

Girls Yr 3&4
Isobel Dean
Boys Yr 3&4
Callum Gordon
Girls Yr 5&6
Emily Shelmerdine
Boys Yr 5&6
Luke Anderton
Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and effort in training and the great improvement made over the past few weeks.

Kind regards

Mark Dacre

Mike Houghton
Erika Smallridge
Jack Thomas
Rebecca Keating
Horwich RMI Harriers

Calendar Photos

Jan, Feb & March are in the bag, I will do a revue at the half way stage in June, so can you now look back and choose a photo from the Blog for the month of April.

Caption: Thanks to all those who have already submitted captions with Barry’s photo (I hope he has a sense of humour!) But we want plenty more, so come on, let your imagination go and send in your entry.

Chorley Harriers 4 Mile Trail Race ~ Wed 6th May

Lisa Leads The Way

The newly converted road to trail race series for Chorley Harriers kicked off with its first race tonight, with Lisa Heyes setting the pace for future races with the inaugural course record of 27.39 finishing a fine 16th overall and first lady. Lisa is currently in heavy training for the Edinburgh Marathon on the 31st of this month but still produced the pace to win by a clear margin. Husband Guy (25.03) also on high mileage for Edinburgh did great to take third overall setting up the club for first team, with Gareth Booth giving good support in 5th (25.42) Glyn Kay (26.10) in 7th and Paul Boardman (27.27) in 13th. Good start to the series lads! Jeff Holloway took the first 0/55 in 31.12 with Karl Ward (32.14) in unfamiliar territory in 58th – for some reason!
Gordon Stone continues his program of racing back to fitness in 81st place running 36.11. Delighted to see running partners Kath Swindell (40.11) and Michele Sunter (43.51) making up a ladies team and only being five places from taking the first team prize, well done ladies. Making up the family outing young Abigail Sunter (45.29) collected the first lady junior award with father Albert giving strong support at her side.

The word is that the new course through Astley Park is fine and can be pretty tough in places with a few hills thrown in for good measure.


Wray Caton Moor 6.75m/1100ft – Monday 4th May.

Suzanne Takes Top Spot At Wray

A day more for spotting the RMI Harrier in the crowd rather than in the race. Paul Massey & family, Cath, Neil Wrigley & girls, Brenda & Tony Hesketh plus Granchildren, Rachel Metcalfe & partner Andy. Just goes to show what a family day out this event is. It attracts people from far & wide & is certainly a great day out for everyone of any age. Definitely one to be recommended whether running or not. Despite the cold, wet & windy weather a good crowd turned out for this rather pleasant fell race. Doug Fleming suffering from a calf injury finished in 17th (52.24) pursued by Suzanne Budgett in 19th collecting first lady in 52.33, not bad considering her warm up race on Saturday at Coniston. The only other Harrier was Gordon Stone in 87th. Unfortunately Rachel Metcalfe couldn’t participate due to going over on the same ankle twice during the Coniston Fell Race. There were 121 finishers.


Horwich Trathlon – Sunday 3rd May

Ian Hamer turned his talents to the Tri coming a very creditable 34th place in an overall time of 2.34.37. Perhaps this discipline – being kind to his ongoing niggles – will give Ian some impetus in his training. Tony Hesketh was our only other Harrier to race doing great to collect the 0/60 prize clocking 2.50.44 for 73rd overall. A super turn out of 144 finishers on the day.


Wray Caton

An excellent turn out of twelve juniors running at the Wray Caton Fell Race on Monday. We were rewarded with three winners for the first race in the Horwich Junior Fell Championship.

Phoebe Howe won the U/12, brother Joesph won the U/14 and, not to be outdone, Zach Howe won the u/16. This bodes well for the future, and the next race in the Championship, Belmont Winter Hill on the 9th May.

Tony H.


Report – Horwich RMI Harriers, Young Athletes League Wigan – 3rd May

Horwich RMI Harriers achieved their greatest team success on the Track to date winning the opening fixture of the Young Athletes League and defeating Wigan Harriers in a close fought battle at their Home Track on Sunday. For a club who has only started specialising in Track and Field over the past few years this win was testament to the dedication of the athletes and coaches involved and demonstrates that Horwich RMI is now one of the premier Track and Field clubs in the North.

Leading the way were the U 13s with two athletes in the girls, Laura Taylor and Gabrielle Whittle winning all three of their events, Laura also claimed a club record in the Hurdles whilst Gabrielle was named Club Athlete of the Match for Horwich RMI Women for her Grade 2 performance over 75 m. In the U 13 boys Noah Saunders and James Lovell ensured clean sweeps over 100m and 200m as did Nathan Townsend and Joseph Howe in the 1500m and Thomas Gillett and Izaak Dickinson in the hurdles. For good measure Joseph also won the High Jump.

In the U 15 girls Beth Miller secured two firsts over 100m and 200m whilst in the boys wins were gained by Matthew Ault in the 800m and Shot, Jacob Thornton over 1500m, Shaun Palmer in the hurdles and Adam Taylor in the Hammer.

For the U 17 women Rebecca Atkinson and Laura Tunstall had double victories over 1500m and 3000m and 1500m and Javelin respectively. Laura Bannister won the 300m Hurdles whilst Becky Buchanan and Tiff Dacre were also in winning mood in the Triple Jump and Hammer. In the U 17 Men Ola Abidojun and Dylan Smith had a double first in the 100m and then Dylan teamed up with Lewis Peacock for a repeat double victory in the Long Jump. Finally Jamie Crompton produced the performance of the day over 1500m steeplechase with a grade 1 performance to win Horwich RMI’s Club Man of the match award in a time which takes him to the top of the UK rankings in this event and follows up on his UK leading performance over 1500m, 3.57.3, at the Northern League on the day before

Full results.

Weekend Snippets


Ian Williams was our first counter on this very tough up and down course running 1.35.53 for 92nd place, then as previously mentioned Suzanne Budgett and Pete Walkington both clocked the same time 1.40.47 for 124/125th places with fourth lady and first 0/45 for Suzanne. Rachel Metcalfe despite going over on her ankles a couple of times finished in 194th place and a time of 1.52.24. Mark Sammon must have found the course tough but did great for his 2.14.59 and 268th place.


A super run from Russell Maddams saw him take second place in this tough half round Keswick, clocking an impressive time of 74.23, this is Russ’s last race before he takes on the Boddington 50k race on the 17th May. Paul Boardman extended his race distance to good effect running 86.47 for 26th place from a field of 492.


STUC A CROIN. 14m/5000ft

Only two Harriers made the trip to this British Championship counter, with Dave Milliken having a great run in 22nd (2.19.43) and James Kevan running well off current training for 50th and 2.33.23. The course was typical Scottish terrain with little in the way of good running with James going over on his ankle twice.

Full results at:


An impressive outright win for Stuart Edmundson in this 10 mile fell race, his time of 66.22 was over three minutes clear of Gavin Williams of Dark Peak in second, well run Stuart. Equally outstanding was Mike Crooks 15th place and 1st 0/60 in 76.19

Results at:

April Caption Competition.

Thank you to all those who submitted captions, after much debate the winning entry was from Steve Nolan himself.

Colin says, ‘Cross country isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I could do this with my eyes shut… (Steve) Me too!

Steve now has four free track sessions. Well done Steve.

The following are a cross section of the captions submitted showing the deviant whit we have in the club.

Colin- Don’t look now Steve but I’ve lost my right shin.
Steve- I’ll shut my eyes, I don’t like blood.

Let’s both close our eyes and make a wish that our other halves will cook tea, was our kit and clean our fell shoes when we get home.

“Hey Col,” we are doing really well, “can’t see anyone in front of us, can you?

Steve says to Col – “Its all downhill to the end now Col”
Col replies – “Bloody hell Steve I’m only 40”

I told you I could beat them with my eyes closed”

“When I click my fingers you’ll both wake up and have a longing desire to be a fell runner!”

I hope that someone wakes us up at the finish!

If we keep our eyes shut this lot behind us will disappear!

Has Norman gone yet?

Okay 118?

Run Forest run!

Colin says to Steve “don’t look now Steve but Ii think they are right behind us ….. “

It wasn’t until lap 3 that Colin opened his eyes and realised that his wig had come off!”

Col. I can run this course with my eyes shut
Steve, Can I try it?

You can spot the true veterans as they can run the course with their eyes closed!”

Click your heels three times and repeat, “There’s no place like home”.

Perfect time for a power nap.

Colin to Steve – Obi One Norman says “Use the Force!”

Caption from the perspective of a TV talent scout
“Look lads – two pointers if you want to stand a chance of starring in the next ad……..
First, remember its 118 118 not 1061 1067
Then – second, check out this u-tube clip. Remember – once you’ve done the bed scene, open you’re eyes when running……”

Club Social Scene.

Q: How many Horwich RMI members does it take to organise a XXXX-up in a brewery?
A: You tell us!!

Your club, your enjoyment – is the club’s social life working for you?
Suggestions from some club members include having a first Tues of the month after-track pizza or drinks (the Harvester is handy across the road).. a w/e breakfast run club etc. There’s various ideas bubbling under the surface from different people, we just need one or two of us to step forward to organize a date or two, and for the rest of us to drum up interest and spread the word. Please get in touch with or 01257 266755 if you can help your club from this angle or have other suggestions about this, thanks.