Snowdonia Training Weekend

Snowdonia Training Weekend.

September 7th and 8th – Llanberis.

A training weekend is planned for the weekend of the 7th and 8th September.

The plan for the weekend is to do a bit of a recce for the UKA Fell Relays, and have a few beers / wine / mineral waters.

The bunkhouse at has been booked at 25 quid a person including linen and breakfast.

The bunkhouse sleeps 8, with additional space available at the adjacent campsite.

A great opportunity to have a look at the courses ahead of the relays, or just have a couple of days out in the hills. There’s even a race in the area on the Saturday.

To book your place please contact Steve Pearson, Alastair Murray or Martyn Bell.

UKA Fell Relays – Training

UKA Fell Relays – Training

Please find below a list of bespoke fell sessions for the UKA Fell Champs. The sessions will include both uphill and downhill reps and will be more successful if we can get a few of the guys/girls out. So lets make an effort where we can.

Start time: 9.30am

July 28th (Sunday) – Pike Race route

Aug 10th (Saturday) – Car park Belmont (Blue Lagoon) or Race: Turner Landscape (AM Cat)

Aug 24th (Saturday) – Pike Race route

Sept 7th (Saturday) – Belmont Ramp or away day: Llanberis Recce + Moel Wnion (AS Cat)

Sept 21st (Saturday) – Uphill road running Speed work Foxholes/Mast road or Race: Good Shepherd

Oct 5th (Saturday) – Pike Race route or Race: Saddleworth Edges (BL Cat)

Oct 20th (Sunday) – Llanberis Race Day – GOLD ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!

The specific dates are scheduled every other weekend with a proposed 5k park run in between. If folk are interested we can easily change or add dates. Most of these are Saturdays but can easily be changed to Sun. People could do the session for 45/50 minutes then do a long slow recovery run.

Any questions contact Steve Pearson, Alastair Murray or Martyn Bell.

UPDATE : The first session this last Sunday was very well attended with most of our top lads present. Looks like competition for the teams this year will be fierce. AM.

YDL Lower Age 22nd June Macclesfield

YDL Lower Age 22nd June Macclesfield

This was the third YDL Lower age group meeting and the team travelled to Macclesfield Harriers ground, we had a total of 27 athletes competing on the day and 5 athletes competing for the first time. There were 6 U13’s boys, Owen Cole, Danny Lavin, Callum Crosby, Callum Gordon, Isaac Parker and Harry Barclay .

Callum Crosby and Owen Cole started the day off in the Long Jump both coming 2nd in their groups with jumps of 3.94 and 3.64 respectively, then both Callum and Owen ran the 75metre Hurdles race, Callum came 1st in his race with a PB of 14.7 and Owen running 16.3. Both boys finished their events with High Jump, Owen winning his group , and both boys jumping 1.20. Danny ran well in both the 100 and 200 metres running a PB in 200m of 28.1.

Isaac ran both the 800 metres and the 100 metres (which he won) getting himself a PB in 800 despite running the night before at the Primary league. Callum Gordon did well in his 200 metres with a good time of 30.9 and then set a PB in the 1500 metres with 5.47,despite the blustery conditions. Harry did really well in javelin, winning it with a throw of 25.86 and setting a new PB, and did well in shot with a throw of 5.74. Lewis Wilkes ran a cracking 800m, setting a new PB of 2.37.4, again despite competing the night before at the Primary League.

Danny, Isaac, Callum Gordon and Lewis then teamed up for the 4 x 100 relay and brought the team home in 1st position, with a superb time of 57.8, well done boys.

This time we had 5 U15’s boys Jonah Saunders who threw 14.04 in the Hammer , a new PB, and 27.45 in the Javelin. Luke Bowen ran a great 47.8 in his first 300 metres race and 30.6 in the 200 metres . Matthew Smith ran a PB of 13.1 in the 100 metres and also competed in the Long Jump all scoring valuable points for the team. Jonathan Birchall competed for the first time, getting a PB in 1500m of 5.05.1 and jumping 4.03 in Long Jump. He also threw well in the discus with 18.19. Ben Cooper ran well in the 100m with a time of 14.0 and got a new PB in the 200m with a time of 28.3. Ben also competed in 80m hurdles with a PB of 16.5. Finally, Jonathan, Ben, Matthew and Luke ran the relay for the first time together and ran a very creditable time of 56.1s.

Once again the girls had a fantastic day doing themselves proud, the U13’s had 6 athletes and U15’s had 9 girls in their team. The U13’s comprised of Evie Barclay, Ella Harper, Helena Norris, Katie Shingler, Sophie Stewart and Anna Walton.

Evie ran the 800 metres in 2.41.6, came 1st in her 70 metre Hurdles heat in 12.1 and 1st in Javelin throwing 24.39. Ella ran the 150 metres with a good time of 21.9 and then earned valuable points coming second in shot with a throw of 5.92 , a new PB. Helena threw 8.08 for her first time competing in javelin , ran 11.3 in the 75 metres and won the Long Jump with a PB of 4.06. Anna ran a very good 800m race, coming second in 2.48.1 and then came second in her long jump group with a PB of 3.36 . Katie competed in the 70mHurdles, Shot and High Jump, coming 1st in hurdles and high jump where she jumped a fantastic PB of 1.45 and set a new club record, and coming 3rd in shot. Sophie set PBs in both her events, the 75m and 150m, both of which she won with times of 10.8 and 21.3 respectively.

This time Anna, Sophie, Helena and Ella, ran the 4 x 100 relay storming to victory in a time of 58.5s.

In the U15’s Rebecca Mullaney ran very well in both the 100 metres and 200 metres gaining valuable points and threw a PB of 12.63 in the Discus, Hannah Stephenson also ran superbly and got herself 2 PBs running the 200 metres in a time of 26.7 and winning her heat, and the 800 metres in 2.26.7. Ellie Dacre threw the Javelin and the Hammer throwing 21.33 and 9.57, a new PB. Emily Shelmerdine ran 13.0 in the 75 metre hurdles, she also matched her PB in the Javelin and High Jump to help get valuable points. Ellie Charnock ran 14.6 in the 100 metres, and did a great jump of 4.28 in the Long jump to finish second, while Jess Taylor was injured but nevertheless did shot and finished 2nd with a throw of 5.60. Bethany Atkinson and Olivia Lowe both competed for the first time , and both ran the 1500m, with Olivia setting a new PB of 5.34.9 and Bethany getting a season’s best of 5.28.9. Bethany also competed in discus and came second with a very good throw of 19.79. Emma Partington also competed for the first time, winning her long jump group and throwing 6.32 in shot.

Emma, Hannah, Ellie and Rebecca then lined up for the 4 x 100 metre relay and made it 3 out of 4 for the relays by winning, in a time of 54.4

The team finished 4th overall with 523 points..


YDL Upper Age 30th June Macclesfield

YDL Upper Age 30th June Macclesfield

In the third YDL Upper age group meeting the team travelled to Macclesfield, yet again we had only a small team with only 3 boys and 5 girl athletes competing due to injuries and other commitments. Although this was the least athletes we have had they all gave outstanding performances and got a total of 9 PB’s between them. There were 3 U17’s boys, Nathan Townsend, Nathan Walker, and Noah Saunders who got himself 3 new PB’s.

Nathan Townsend ran the 800 metres in a good time of 2.10.8 but sadly didn’t feel well enough to run again, Nathan Walker this time ran as the U17’s runner and ran all the sprints, he ran 12.5 yet again in the 100 metres, a new PB in the 200 metres with a time of 25.0 and then ran the 400 metres with a PB of 59.3, excellent running Nathan. Noah threw the Hammer in his first event of the day and started with his 1st PB of the day throwing 20.09, he then ran 11.8 in the 100 metres coming 2nd and smashed 1.2 seconds off his 200 metres running 23.9, superb running Noah.

The girls had a good day doing themselves proud as well and getting more PB’s, we had 4 U17’s, Grace Shelmerdine, Sophie Williams, Lauren Banks and Madeleine Hunt , while Beth Miller was the only U20’s. Grace ran the 100 metres for the U17’s in 13.4 a new PB and did the Long and High Jump, jumping 4.35 and 1.35 respectively.

Sophie started the day off once again running the 300 metre Hurdles, smashing even more time off and running under 50 seconds with a new PB of 49.7, she also ran 80 metre Hurdles coming 3rd with a time of 13.9. Madeleine competed in just the Discus, she came 1st with a throw of 28.86. Lauren had a fantastic day running all 3 sprints and the relay she ran 14.1 in the 100 metres, 29.6 in the 200 metres and a PB in the 300 metres with a time of 47.6.

Beth was our only U20’s and ran the 100 metres in 13.1 and the 200 metres in a new PB of 27.3, she also threw 6.33 in the Shot gaining good points for the team.

The 3 U17’s girls Grace, Sophie and Lauren were joined by Beth and they ran as U20’s in the 4 x 100 metre relay, they ran a superb race with good baton changes to finish in 2nd place in 54.6.

The team finished once again in 5th place with 208.5 points and are 5th overall in the table with 750 points.


Greater Manchester Schools Heptathlon and Octathlon 22nd and 23rd June Carlisle

Greater Manchester Schools Heptathlon and Octathlon 22nd and 23rd June Carlisle

The English Schools Championships were held on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd of June at Sheepmount Stadium Carlisle, the club had 2 representatives competing U17’s girl Sophie Williams and U17’s boy Joe Partington, both athletes were chosen to compete for the Greater Manchester team. It turned out to be an unbelievable 2 days for both of them, each of them performing superbly in all their events.

Sophie had 7 events and stated the day of with the 80 metre Hurdles 100 metres running a PB of 13.6 which put her in 7th position she then did the High jump and jumped a poor 1.26 but somehow still maintained her 7th position. Her next event was Shot where she maintained her position with a good throw of 7.81 and finished the day off with the 200 metres running 28.3 moving herself into 6th place. Sophie started the 2nd day off with Long Jump where she jumped 4.89 a massive PB which moved her up to 5th, she followed this with a throw of 25.90 in the Javelin and a good 2.39 run in the 800 metres and finishing in 4th overall just 4 points off 3rd with a score of 3467 points, Sophie qualified for the ENGLISH SCHOOLS final in Birmingham in her own right but is going as part of the Greater Manchester Team who actually won the event.

Joe had 8 events to do over the 2 days and started with Long Jump where he jumped 5.27 which put him in 8th place, Joe then did Discus and Javelin throwing 20.79 and 38.27 respectively and moving him into 6th position. He finished the day off with the 400 metres running a time of 55.0 seconds which put him into 5th position at the end of day 1.Joe’s first event on Sunday was the 100 metre Hurdles his least favourite event but he still ran a good 18.1 which dropped him down to 7th place. His last 3 events were High Jump with a jump of 1.44, he threw 9.47 in Shot and ran 5.05 in the 1500 metres putting him in 8th position at the end of the completion with 3427 points. Unfortunately Joe just missed out on qualifying for the finals.


Mid Lancs 15th June Lancaster

Mid Lancs 15th June Lancaster

This was the third Mid Lancs meeting of the season a total of 21 athletes turning out for Horwich, 8 male competitors and 13 female, yet again another poor show by our athletes and the same people yet again. There were 2 senior men Mike Houghton and Trevor Williams gaining 25 points between them, Mike jumped 5.42 in the Long Jump and 11.13 in winning the Triple Jump and running a good 12.2 in the 100 metres, while Trevor gained maximum points in the Hammer with 16.98 and 17.70 in the Discus. We had 2 U17’s boys James Lovell and Noah Saunders, James won the 100 metres again this time in 11.7 and the 400 metres in 54.2, while Noah started the day by winning the Hammer with a good throw of 19.36 and running 12.3 and 25.3 in the 100 and 200 metres.

We had 3 U15’s boys, Jonathan Birchall who ran the 1500 metres in 5.17.3 and also got himself 2 PB’s in the following events he jumped 4.26 in the Long Jump and threw 18.70 metres in the Discus. Jonah threw 13.15 in the Hammer, a PB of 17.85 in the Discus and 28.95 in the Javelin, while Ben Cooper ran both the 100 and 200 metres in 13.9 and 29.3 respectively and jumping 3.59 in the Long Jump. We had only 1 U13’s boy Cameron Austin, he jumped 3.19 metres in the Long Jump, managed 1.15 in the High Jump and a decent 32.7 in the 200 metres.

Meanwhile the girls had a good day as well both the senior women Beth Miller and Kelly Laughton gained an excellent 32 points, Beth winning the 100 metres in13.1 and the 200 metres in 27.8, Kelly won both the High Jump with a 1.40 jump and the Triple Jump with 9.91 an extra 4 points in the Long Jump with 4.53. We had 2 U17’s girls Sophie Williams and Grace Shelmerdine both girls gave good performances in the gaining the team 18 valuable points. Sophie doing the 200 metres in 28.6 and the Long Jump, while Grace did all 3 jumps, the Long, Triple and High with 4.40, 9.10 and 1.40 respectively.

The U15’s had 4 girls, Katy Marsh, Rebecca Mullaney and Emma Partington and Hannah Stephenson, Katy ran the 100m in13.9 and a PB in the 200 metres with 29.00, Rebecca also ran both sprints in 13.6 and 27.9. Hannah ran the 200 and 300 metres running good times in both 27.3 in the 200 and 44.3 in the 300 metres. Emma jumped 4.02 in the Long Jump, threw 6.69 in the Shot and a respectable 14.7 in the 100 metres. The girls got together to run the 4 x 100 relay and won the race in a good time of 56.1.

In the U13’s we had 5 girl competitors Katie Shingler, Evie Barclay, Ella Harper, Helena Norris and Anna Walton. Ella and Helena both ran the 100 and 200 metres and did the Long Jump, Ella in 14.7, 30.3 and a PB of 3.56 in the Long Jump while Helena ran a PB of 14.7 in the 100 metres, 31.6 in the 200 metres and 3.84 in the Long Jump. Anna ran 32.0 in the 200 metres and 2.51 in the 800 metres, while Katie got maximum points in Long and High Jump with jumps of 4.06 and 1.30 respectively and ran 13.7 in the 100 metres. Evie gained 16 points altogether, she had a 1.15 High Jump, a 2.41, 800 metre run and won the Javelin and broke the Club Record, held for 2 years by Sophie Williams with a fantastic throw of 27.07. The girls then ran and won the 4 x 100 relay with a time of 58.2.

Both teams finished 3rd on the day and now after 3 meetings the girls are in 4th position in Division 1 with 310.5 points and the men are also in 3rd position in Division 2 with 242.5 points.




In the second Northern League meeting the team had to travel to the Metropolitan University Campus in Leeds, this time we had a small team competing only 8 men and 3 women athletes turned out on a glorious sunny day. There were 4 U17’s boys, Noah Saunders, Nathan Walker, Joe Partington and James Lovell along with senior athletes Mike Houghton, Trevor Williams and Martyn Bell and Alastair Murray who were both competing in their first Northern League meeting.

There were only 4 women as 7 had cancelled due to other commitments, U17’s Lauren Banks, Sophie Williams and Madeleine Hunt and senior lady Rachel Collington, who had originally come to help and officiate but who ended up competing.

Nathan Walker ran the 100 and 200 metres again, in 12.5 and 25.3 seconds, Noah came to run just the 200 metres and ran a PB in 25.1. Joe ran as the B runner in the 400 metres winning his race in a PB time of 55.0 seconds and also throwing a PB in the Javelin with a throw of 38.70. James came 2nd in the 100 metres but still ran a PB of 11.5 seconds, 52.8 in the 400 metres and a 5.29 in the Long Jump.

Mike did 6 events, he got two 1st’s in Shot throwing 9.40 and 11.78 in the Triple Jump he got two 2nd’s in the High Jump with 1.55 and 5.52 in Long Jump and threw 21.36 in Discus. Trevor couldn’t run through injury so only managed to compete in the throws, he started the day off with the Hammer then Discus, Shot and Javelin throwing 18.01, 17.27, 7.39 and 24.96 respectively.

Martyn and Alastair came to run the 5000 metres, both lads came early to warm up and then they both ran a fantastic race coming 1st and 2nd overall although Alastair actually won his race, the lads running 15.52.4 and 16.18.9 respectively. On the final lap all the Horwich athletes, officials and parents stood, cheered and applauded them in, the lads then went for a cool down before running in the relay, thank you lads you showing the younger athletes that hard work pays off.

The men then teamed up for the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relays. In the 4 x 100 Noah ran the 1st leg, onto Nathan, Joe and then James brought the team home in 49.0 seconds. In the 4 x 400 Joe had to run again, this time Martyn ran the 1st leg then passing it on to Alastair both running really good legs, Joe ran the 3rd and James yet again ran the last leg. The lads ran a fantastic time of 3.59.9 smashing the Club Record by 11 seconds, WELL DONE LADS.

Meanwhile although there were only a few girls had a decent day, Lauren ran the 100 and 200 metres, running 14.2 and a PB in the 200 metres of 29.4 and a 3.40 Long Jump. Madeleine competed in her first Northern League throwing the Discus 23.76 and the Shot 6.94.

Sophie started the day off running the 400 metre Hurdles, running her 2nd race at this distance she won the race in a PB time, smashing 14 seconds off her previous time. She also ran a PB in the 200 metres with a time of 27.9 and throwing 25.65 in the Javelin. Rachel our only senior lady threw 6.03 in the Shot, 13.00 metres in the Javelin and a PB in the Discus throwing 12.93.

The team finished 5th on the day with 282 points and after 2 meetings we are 3rd overall with 624 points.


Junior Astley Park Run

Junior Astley Park Run

The 3rd Race in the Astley Park Series allowed our Juniors to shine yet again. Our girls managed 1ST Team place with Penny Townsend 3rd girl, closely followed by Anna Walton 5th girl, and a fantastic run from Ella Pendlebury 8th girl. Each of the athletes showing their hard work on the track is paying off.

Not to be outdone the boys also managed with Nathan Townsend 1st, Jonathan Birchall 4th and a sprint finish of Lewis Wilkes got him 6th place, just beating Thomas Massey. The Run of the evening has to go to Toby Middleton who ran 22 secs faster than the last time he was here. Well done Toby.

Radcliffe 3 Day Event 11/12/ 13 th July

Radcliffe 3 Day Event

11/12/ 13 th July

This event comprises of 3 races fell, x.c and Trail each race allows none eventers to run so in some cases you are competing against fresh legs if people just enter a single event. There were six of us representing Horwich on the hottest days of the year. Rob Jackson was runner up a remarkable run of results as he has won the event outright on two occasions and has been runner up twice Rob excelled in the 3 races to record a time of 1.46.47, Josie Greenhagh went one better winning the Ladies trophy finishing 14th overall again with some excellent performances.with a time of 2.04.59.

Bull Hill Fell 11th July

A large entry of almost 200 runners of which 16 came from Horwich and assembled for this race which Horwich dominated winning the Mens ,Womens and a number of Veterans awards. First for us behind winner Darren Kay was Chris Farrell after a strong race in second place leading us to a team victory ably backed up by newcomer Jonathan Brutton 7th, Rob Jackson 9th his first race of three and Andy Lloyd 12th. The Ladies saw a great run by Josie Greenhalgh being rewarded with victory and just behind in second was Suzanne Budgett a third lady was required to give us the chance of team victory and this came from Christa Whatmough after a superb run clinching the Ladies win by two points.Tony Hesketh was first O/65 and also beat all the O/60 with a good race.

Radcliffe A.C X.C 12th July

Another hot night greeted the runners for this tough X.C with hills aplenty at Giants Seat Radcliffe with the winner being an entry on the night R.Powell of Trafford, once again Rob Jackson ran a great race for fourth Josie Greenhalgh ran well bot again was beaten by a runner entering on the night but she had consolidated her lead in the Ladies race in 20th place, Tony Hesketh was 31st and first O/65 with Tony Varley second O/65 in 38th place David Barnes was 56th and Trevor Fishwick was 64th with both running well.

VLA Trail Race 13th July

Scorching sunshine made this race a survival test with everyone finishing drained at the end. Mark Russell Salford won and clinched the series with Rob Jackson doing what was required to secure runners up spot with a fine run in third place. Josie Greenhalgh hung on to her lead to finish 14th overall despite finishing 4th lady to win the series by over 3 minutes. Tony Hesketh was first O /65 and also clinched the O/65 series award in 17th place overall closely followed by Tony Varley in 25th place, David Barnes was 40th with Trevor Fishwick 41st with less the 3 minutes separating them at the finish.

All the races are very well organised with plenty of prizes and after the series everyone gets a technical Tee Shirt for finishing, definitely one to recommend for the future and only costs £12 for three races.
Tony Hesketh

An Evening with An Olympic Sports Psychologist

An Evening with An Olympic Sports Psychologist
The Crown, Horwich – Tuesday 9th July 8-9pm

The committee and coaching staff are delighted in announcing that Duncan Richards will be sharing
his vast wisdom on how we can all prepare and focus for competition like a world class athlete – there will also
be a Q & A session which will provide the means of implementing these high performance behaviours.

Duncan has a vast amount of International experience and was the Lead Psychologist for the GB Swimming Team, 2003 – 2009 ( Athens to Beijing Olympic Games) and in International Rugby for the British Lions Rugby squad, Scotland, Leicester.

Please get in touch if you intend to attend, for an idea of numbers.

Yours in sport

Martyn Bell ( Steve Pearson

British Fell Relay 20th October 2013

British Fell Relay 20th October 2013

Any vets over 50 and under 75 who would like to run and have not yet given there names in to Tony Hesketh please do so ASAP. If you do not let him know he will assume that you do not want to run.

This year this is a Medal Category and one we could win with the right team,up to now the following names have been submitted. Graham Schofield,Mark Seddon, Colin Jones, Rob Green, Gary Chadderton, Doug Flemming, Gordon Stone, Tony Hesketh

Tony Hesketh

Tockholes Fell Race 6th July 9.3 k/ 335m

Tockholes Fell Race

6th July 9.3 k/ 335m

Another race and another win for Chris Farrell in this low key fell race, with conditions being the hottest ever times were generally slower with runners making sure they finished, Chris won easily despite taking a wrong turn coming back into the village, Josie Greenhalgh ran superbly for third Lady after a strong run off the Tower,chasing hard but unable to catch her was Tony Hesketh in 24th place 40 seconds adrift but took the first o/60 Prize, Tony Varley was second O/60 in 37th and Gordon Stone made up the Horewich contingent in 55th place.

Tony Hesketh

Witton Park Trail Relays

Witton Park Trail Relays
Thursday 27th June 2013

55 Teams competed in last weeks trail relay requiring teams of 3 to complete a 2.4 mile circuit (150m climb). This race was slightly shorter than Februarys event by around 6-7 minutes “racing” time but in my opinion the course was better having been made more simplified and very limited opportunity to go the wrong way !

The harriers dominated the event back in February and this trend continued with our trio winning by a margin of 1m 25 seconds over Barlick Fell Runners. Chris Farrell took the overall fastest leg on the night.

1st Horwich “A” – Dave Jackson 15m 38 / Chris Farrell 14m 44 / Martyn Bell 15m 24

31st Horwich “B” – Tim Roe 20m 59 / Steve Pearson 18m 41 / Paul Jackson 18m 18

39th They Shoot Horses Don’t They – Tony Hesketh 20m 11 / Pete Bland 21m 30 / Stuart Furness 22m 06

Surprisingly we had no ladies teams entered ?

Full results can be found on the following link: –