Bunny Run Relay

Bunny Run Relay 22nd April

This three man relay attracted over 100 teams many in fancy dress. We fielded two over sixty five teams (how many clubs can say that). The course was just under 2 miles with two testing climbs and some good running just outside of Howarth. The baton was a fresh egg which had to be intact at the change overs and the race was started with a egg thrown by Dave Woodhead smashing to the ground setting off 106 teams. Our A team team of O.A.P.s finished in 61st with Tony Hesketh recording the fastest time 12.55, Jim Leyland ran 15.02 and Pete Bland ran well for 14.14. Our other team finished 101st with Alan Blinkhorn running the fastest leg on second 16.40 after Pete Scott handed over after running 18.21 on the first leg and the team was brought home by captain on the night Ed Swift with a time of 19.52.

Charity Marathon

Charity Marathon 26th April starting at 1.00p.m

Can all the children that are running the Marathon on Saturday turn up at the track at least 15 minutes before their allotted time. Any problems please let Tony or Brenda Hesketh know A.S.A.P.

1.00 p.m to 1.30p.m

Daniel Rowe
Ellie Green
Joe Mitchell
Ella Pendlebury
Grace Pendlebury
Calu Moseley

1.30 to 2.00p.m

Livia Sutcliffe
Freya Whittle
Alfie Holmes
Cian Healey

2.00 p.m to 2.30 p.m

Issac Simmonite
Jacob Simmonite
Suzanna Simmonite
Tom Massey
Luke Massey

3.00p.m to 3.30

Lucas Milliken
Matthew Flatters
Luke Brindle
Nathan Lancaster
Issac Keating
Issabella Keating


Joshua Houhton
L Dalgleish
Abigail Wrigley
Imogen Wrigley
Gemma Howe

Fleming Trophy

Fleming Trophy 16th April 1.8k

We had 34 juniors running in this years race many doing it for the first time and they all put in a great deal of effort with the first six finishing within a minute. First to finish was Issac Keating finding a terrific sprint to overtake guest runner Tom Howe in the final 50 metres. Calum Moseley was third and Gemma Howe just held off a fast finishing Nathan Lancaster for fourth place. Lewis Wilkes justified his scratch start by running the fastest time in 8.42. For the girls Fraya Whittle surprised everyone apart from her coach Brenda with the fastest time recorded by a girl and she is only 9 years of age!!! All the runners received a medal, the winners got trophies and all seemed to enjoy the race.

H/Cap time Actual Time Time Position
1) Issac Keating 12.12 11.12 17
2) T Howe (Guest) 12.16 12.16 21
3) C Moseley 12.26 11.26 16
4) G Howe G 12.34 10.34 14
5) N Lancaster 12.58 8.53 5
6) A Holmes 13.02 9.22 10
7) C Healey 13.15 8.45 3
8) J Howe 13.20 10.20 12
9) I Keating 13.22 12.22 20
10) F Whittle 13.23 10.13 11
11) L Brindle 13.24 8.44 2
12) M Flatters 13.28 8.48 4
13) R Seddon 13.29 8.59 7
14) L Massey 13.36 9.06 8
15) C Squires G 13.37 11.37 18
16) L Wilkes 13.39 8.42 1
17) T Massey 13.48 8.58 6
18) K Kinealy 13.58 9.08 9
19) H Foley G 14.02 10.32 13
20) D Rowe 14.15 10.55 15=
21) I Simmonite 14.25 11.05 16
22) C Fordham G 14.35 10.55 15=
23) D Carter 14.48 14.48 31
24) I Wrigley G 14.51 12.51 23
25) E Green G 14.52 12.52 24
26) L Sutcliffe G 14.53 11.43 19
27) J Houghton 15.05 12.05 20
28) L Seddon (Guest) 15.09 12.39 22
29) S Platt 15.25 12.55 25
30) M Kay G 15.33 15.03 32
31) J Simmonite 15.40 12.30 21
32) A Wrigley G 15.43 15.13 33
33) L Gouge G 15.48 12.48 23
34) S Simmonite G 18.12 15.42 34

BMAF Relays

BMAF Relays – Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham – Sat 17th May

Calling all vets who are fit, healthy and reliable !!

Just a reminder that the British Masters 3 mile relay championships are coming up on Saturday 17th May. Entries need to be in by April 19th latest so please come back to me by email if interested as soon as possible.


Attached are last years results and also race details……interesting to note that for the vet 35+ category only 6 required in the team ( 8 was required in 2013) meaning that a fully fit Horwich team could take a national medal (if not win), so something to take seriously !!!!.

Women W35 + 4 11.00 am
Women W45 + 3 11.00 am
Women W55 + 3 11.00 am
Women W65 + 3 11.00 am

Men M65 + 3 11.00 am
Men M75 + 3 11.00 am
Men M35 + 6 1.00 pm
Men M45 + 4 1.00 pm
Men M55 + 3 1.00 pm

Cheers, Martyn

Details – Here

Results 2013 – Here

Pendle Races

Pendle Hill 5th April

This race was the first in this years English Championship and saw a large entry form Horwich compete with the best in England and do very well. Lindsey Brindle in the Ladies race finished a brilliant 7th and also became Lancashire Champion showing that she will be force to be reckoned with this year. In the Men’s race we had 20 runners wearing the famous red and black and Joe Mercer led us home in a fantastic 11th place on a course that really suited him. Forty seconds behind came Chris Farrell 21st and James Kevan 23rd only 6 seconds behind, both having good races. Our final counter was Dave Jackson. In 59th, another very solid performance and completing the team that finished in 6th place. In the Veteran stakes, Pete Heneghan finished a superb second O/70 to last years champion Norman Bush and will be looking to maintain his challenge for honours as the season progresses.

Pendle Junior Races 6th April

After the exploits of the seniors the day before it was down to our talented juniors many running their first proper fell race to fly the Horwich flag.

U/8 Race

This was a tough little circuit with a steep climb and descent too. Theo Middleton was 17th reveling in the conditions. Grace Pendlebury 27th just outsprinted Ellie Green 28th at the finish

U/10 Race 1.2k 50 mts

A tough climb then a slog in the mud saw Toby Middleton fresh from being second at Liver Hill on the previous Tuesday take 8th place after a strong run. Matthew Oldfield had his best run to date in 11th. Ella Pendlebury was brilliant fourth girl with Joe Mitchell 35th boy depite not having any shoes with grip. Finally Freya Whittle 50th finished smiling at the finish with 30 runners behind. This race was the largest with 80 finishers.

U/12 Race 2.58 k 112mts

The same start saw 75 children exit the field with Tom Massey leading his troops in a fine 12th place. A great result seeing as he has just moved up an age group. Nathan Lancaster in 26th just held off a fast finishing Robert Seddon 28th by 3 seconds. Lucas Miliken 37th and Alfie Holmes 51st made up the team that where second on the day.

U/12 Race 3.98k 199mts

We only had one runner, Harriet Foley, making her debut for Horwich in this tough race with two hard climbs she ran well for 27th place and enjoyed the experience too.

The next championship race is Rivington Pike on Easter Saturday and again we hope for a good turn out.