FRAs V50 Team

British Fell Relay Sunday 19th October

The following O/50 team as been selected to represent Horwich RMI Harriers

Leg 1 Mick Green
Leg 2 Gary Chadderton & Brian Walton
Leg 3 Mark Seddon & Steve Jackson
Leg 4 Doug Flemming

Please confirm by tel or email that you are accepting your selection
Reserves in no particular order

Colin Wood
Peter Ramsdale
Tony Hesketh
Mike Crook
Colin Jones
Gordon Stone

Tony Hesketh 01204 668183 or 07552657789

Down Hill Race 2014

Down Hill Race 2014

(Apologises for first names only – low key event!)

A very pleasant evening for the annual running of the Down Hill Race starting from Scots Man Stump, visiting the Pike and finally the RMI Club. This event, by the power of the Internet, even caused ‘others’ to enquire about it and turn up to run – fabulous.

Sixteen people selected computer plugs to determine their starting position and this was the first ‘blood pressure rising’ moment of the evening. Will I be off early? or late? Who’s behind me? Who’s just in front? Where is Albert? Ed Swift got the nod to be off first. Order selected and the start time rapidly approaching, shoes tied on safely, ‘others’ were discussing the route – “might take in the Pike cottage” – No reply from the stoney faced harrier! Thinking – if you go that way, you’ll be behind me……..

“Go”. Thirty seconds later,” go” again, as all 16 received their individual running start command. Albert and Tony were last to go.

The time keeper was aware that some of the early runners were a little ‘speedy’, so as the last ones went, we scurried down the mast road and back into Horwich.

Simon first back, Suzzie next – right then we’d better get organised. The rest of the runners arrived from a series of directions to complete the course. So the times and positions

1 Ali 19.07, 2 Simon 19.38, 3 Joe 20.01, 4 Albert 21.50, 5 Tony 21.59, 6 Suzzie 22.53, 7 Nic 23.54, 8 Gareth 24.59, 9 Gary 26.37, 10 Josh and Dad 27.31, 11 Gordon 28.30, 12 Tim 29.06, 13 Steve B 31.11, 14 John 35.21, 15 Dave 36.21 and 16 Ed 38.58

Thanks to the sweepers (you know who you are) the time keepers (all three) and the pike marshal (wonderful job). Thanks to race organiser for the prizes and generally everything else he did – cheers Ali. Thanks to the generous contribution to race funds from one of the ‘others’ (brilliant – thank you).

Finally – Horwich beer festival £2 entry and sample some of the fine ales. Good evening. Same routine again next year? Hope so.

Thanks everyone – Peter Ramsdale

Downhill Race 2014

Downhill Race 2014


Scotsman’s Stump by the mast on Winter Hill mast road.

Starting from Scotsman’s Stump by the mast on Winter Hill mast road.
Runners set off at 30 second intervals, finishing at the RMI club, via
the Pike, and any route in between.
Start will be a 7.15 p.m. prompt due to the light. (please arrive by 7)
Guests welcome.
Free entry and prizes.
Historic Downhill Trophy to the winner. (RMI only)

Beer Festival – £2 entry to Horwich Beer Festival at RMI club after for a few pints of good ale.