West Nab Fell Race Meltham Yorks 18th April

West Nab Fell Race Meltham Yorks 18th April

The third race in the Junior English Fell Championship took place in Meltham Yorkshire with large enties in all the races Freya Whittle was the best placed Horwich runner finishing third in the U/10 and means she is still leading the Championship, Tom Massey was the pick of the boys with a fourth place and he is lying third in the U/14 championship.In total. In total we had ten children competing and Horwich are lying in tenth position in the club fell championship.

Fleming Trophy 20th April 2015

Fleming Trophy 20th April 2015

This years annual handicap race just over 2 kilometres saw 38 children take part and saw some brilliant performances the winner was 7 year old Martha Kay who made the most of her handicap to win knocking two minutes off last years time, Laura Gouge ran well for second and a close fought battle saw Amelia Bailey take bronze by one second from Milly Lever. The fastest legs were run by Tom Massey for the boys in a time of 8.09 with Ella Pendlebury running 8.54 to take the fastest girl prize.

Result | H/Cap | Actual Time

1 M Kay 11.47 0.00 11.47
2 L Gouge 13.04 1.55 11.09
3 A Bailey 13.16 3.55 9.21
4 M Lever 13.17 2.40 10.47
5 D Porter 13.25 3.40 9.45
6 T Massey 13.49 5.40 8.09 (Fastest Boy )
7 G Pendlebury 13.51 2.10 11.41
8 N Speakman 13.52 4.40 9.12
9 I Simmonite 13.53 4.00 9.53
10 E Pendlebury 13.54 5.00 8.54 (Fastest Girl)
11 E Green 13.55 2.10 11.45
12 F Whittle 14.00 4.40 9.20
13 To Middleton 14.01 5.30 8.31
14 A Gouge 14.02 1.55 12.07
15 N Lancaster 14.03 5.50 8.13
16 G Porter 14.04 2.20 11.44
17 L Seddon 14.17 1.40 12.37
18 R Seddon 14.19 5.40 8.39
19 J Houghton 14.21 3.40 10.41
20 H Foley 14.22 4.50 9.32
21 C Healy 14.47 6.30 8.17
22 C Moseley 14.32 3.55 10.33
23 L Miliken 14.32 5.30 9.02
24 K Kinealy 14.37 5.50 8.47
25 L Wilkes 14.41 6.05 8.36
26 T Middleton 14.43 3.55 10.44
27 M Flatters 14.43 6.00 8.43
28 T Grundy 14.48 6.20 8.28
29 L Brindle 14.55 6.00 8.55
30 L Sutcliffe 14.58 3.40 11.18
31 S Speakman 14.59 3.40 11.19
32 O Lowe 15.00 5.50 9.10
33 J Jackson 15.12 5.40 9.32
34 S Nicholson 15.29 1.40 13.49
35 F Reid 15.32 6.00 9.32
36 J Hardman 15.34 1.40 13.54
37 M Hill 17.08 4.40 12.28
38 T Humphries 17.16 3.40 13.36

London Marathon

London Marathon

Brenda Hesketh is running the London Marathon in her sisters memory and is raising funds in aid of Macmillan Cancer Trust anyone wishing to sponsor her can do so on her Just Giving Page all donations will be gratefully received.

Tony Hesketh 01204 668183

Flemming Trophy

Flemming Trophy for Juniors under 16 years of age 20th April 6.30 start

This years race is again at Boton Arena numbers to be collected on the night, this is a Handicap race over 2k for our Junior members, NO entries on the night due to Handicapping, The entry fee is £2 with all finishers getting a medal, there is prizes for first three finishers and fastest Boy and Girl. Entries to Tony Hesketh or Brenda Hesketh name and a recent race please.Slower/younger runners set of at intervals over set course.


Pendle Senior

Pendle Senior Race 7.3k 470ft

Almost 300 runners toed the line for this popular A Category Short fell race in excellent conditions the winner English champion Tom Addison won easily in 32.40 with our first counter Dave Milliken despite having an injury finishing 21st in 38.24 Paul Massey ran well in Daves slipstream to finish 28th in 39.22,another of runners making a welcome return to racing was Rob Howarth finishing in 88th position in 44.24, Tony Hesketh recorded 47.03 for 124th place and there was a brilliant run by Pete Heneghan who was runner up in the O/70 category in 228th with a time of 54.31


Pendle Fell Races

Pendle Fell Races 4th April 2015

This was the second championship race in the English Junior Championship and seven juniors made the short trip to the village of Barley and where rewarded with some excellent results. In the U/8 race Theo Middleton worked through the field to finsh in 7th place. In the U/10 race English U/10 champion Cian Healy started as he finished last year leading from gun to tape to win on a tough course.The U/10 girls race saw in form Freya Whittle run a well judged race to finish 3rd and she is leading the girls U/10 Championship.The U/12 races saw our biggest turnout with Tom Massey running brilliantly to finish 3rd only 20 seconds behind the winner, good packing by Toby Middleton in 11th and Lucas Miliken 18th meant we finished third team. Lydia Johnson was our only girl in this category and paced herself well to finish 24th.This week end sees the next championship race at West Nab in Yorkshire and a good turnout is expected.


Liver Hill

Liver Hill Rossendale 31st March 2015

Fresh from racing in Buxton Toby Middleton made the short journey to Rossendale to race a tough two mile fell race and showed great recovery to finish in second place a great run in very muddy conditions.

Erwood Hall

Erwood Hall Derbyshire 28th March 2015

A small group of Horwich Juniors made the trip to Erwood Hall near Buxton to compete in the first English Junior Championship race of 2015 and were rewarded with some excellent results. In the first race of the day Theo Middleton had great run to finish fourth in the U/8s setting the bar for his club mates, One of the runs of the day came from Freya Whittle who won the U/10 race leading from gun to tape and register her first win in a championship race.The U/12 race saw a brilliant performance by Tom Massey locked in a hard to head with the eventual winner he was second by a mere two seconds, next was Toby Middleton in 10th running strongly at the end, Lucas Miliken in 19th place completed the boys team that finished third team, Our only girl running in this race was Lydia Johnson who has just moved up a category and a good run on the tough course saw her finish tenth. Our only runner in the U/14 saw Robert Seddon getting back to form finishing 24th and again this was after moving up a category this year.

vVo2max Training

vVo2max Training

Next week I want to do some testing at the track before the session. The testing is based around vVo2max efforts.

This is a strategy that I favour for distance runners as it trains the body to run as fast and as far as possible using the aerobic energy system. The advantage of this, is that there is no acidosis build up within the muscles until serious effort is required ie. Heart rate 80/85-95% of max.

Distance runners cannot run anaerobically for 5k, 10k etc so the faster they can cover the ground aerobically means they can sustain it for longer.

Once the vVo2max figure is calculated then athletes can do sessions to train this system to improve it. Usually 1 specific session/week. Not forgetting all the other training completed in a week.

I have attached some explanatory notes for anyone that will find it interesting.