Tour of Pendle. Saturday 15th November -16.8 Miles and 4830ft.

The course seemed quite wet and muddy this year and we were diverted from checkpoint 1 by the wall rather than across the moor to minimise erosion. The course has 5 main climbs that ascend Pendle from different cloughs and the last three are really where you feel the burn, the last climb up the big end is a killer, but its all down hill from here. Brendan Bolland (2.33.45) ran great for 4th place and first 0/40, with Mick Crook ( 3.03.06) very well placed in 48th for 3rd 0/60. And a great first 0/70 spot for Ray Stafford in (4.16.37). Unfortunately I caught Ian Charters up jogging in, he had picked up a bit of an injury on the furthest point out on the course so was heading back in.

It was a good race, well organised by Clem, with a pretty big field of about 200. I was aiming to beat my time of 3hrs16 from last year and I came in at 3hrs10 in 68th place so pretty pleased with that. Just need to do more up hills ready for next year.

Karl Taylor


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