Downhill Race Results

Results :
1: Danny Hope (guest) 21:04
2: Albert Sunter (winner of downhill trophy again!) 21:27
3: Alastair Murray 22:03
4: Robert Green 22:21
5: Stephen Diaz 24:04
6: Josie Greenhalgh (first lady) 25:12
7: Tony Hesketh 25:57
8: Thomas Howard 28:24
9: Peter Ramsdale 29:00
10: Mark Swindell 29:25
11: Paul Murray 30:25
12: Paul Speed 31:23
13: Ros Murray (second lady) 32:28
14: Luke Howard 36:57
15: Ed Swift 46:06
16: Alfie Howard 49:33

Thanks to everyone who turned out, and to David Jackson and Steve Pearson for helping out with marshalling and timekeeping. The weather held off and everyone avoided the worst of the bogs, although it was fairly dark by the time I set off.

Some requests for drier conditions next year, some requests for it to be run entirely in the dark. It depends largely on whether I remember before the nights get too dark.


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