Alastair Murray: Training w/c 12.11.12

Alastair Murray: Training w/c 12.11.12

p.m. 6 miles. Adlington and back. Time 42:35. Pace 7:00. 300 FOC.

p.m. Track (didn’t feel like going) 2.5 miles WU. Session was 3 x 3 x 1k. Decided to do 3 x (1k + 800 + 1k) to work on top end speed a bit. This worked and put in some good reps. Rep times : 3.24, 2.40, 3.14, 3.13, 2.32, 3.09, 3.11, 2.32, 3.15. Distance 6 miles. 2.5 mile WD. Stretched.

a.m. 4 miles. Rivi village and back. Felt quite good after track. Time 27:03. Pace 6:57. ~ 300 FOC. Stretched.
p.m. 4.5 miles. Around Horwich. Late late run – felt terrible. Legs very heavy and every step hurt. Time 32:12. Pace 6:58. 315 FOC. Stretched.
Strength Work.

p.m. Hills. 1 mile WU. 6 x bus stop to Arcon then 1 x Jolly Crofters and Georges Lane, then 3 x half foxholes. Legs nearly dead by the end. Tough session on already tired legs. 7.5 miles in 55 mins. 1200 FOC. 1.5 mile WD. Stretched.

Day off – as planned.

a.m. 11.5 miles. Hospital run. 2 miles easy. 4 miles @ 6 min pace then remainder ‘easy’. The remainder was really tough. Time 1:17:25. Pace 6:45. 730 FOC. Stretched. Really wiped out.
Strength Work.

a.m. Long run with Martyn. Reasonably flat and on roads. Didn’t start off feeling too good but felt better after half way and felt okay to the end. Time 1:46:13. Pace 7:04. 630 FOC. Stretched, Felt okay rest of day.

Weekly Total: – 62.5 miles. 4000 FOC. 7 hours 42 minutes.

Felt like a good weeks training but also felt tired for a lot of it.

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