Martyn Bell – Training – w/c 12th November

Martyn Bell – Training – w/c 12th November

This week continues a “semi recovery” period to include just base miles with no “hard”sessions and no turbo sessions planned – good pacing required throughout.

Monday 12th

7am: 11 miles (872 foc) – Average pace 7min/miling exactly
Pm: Rest – lovely to do nothing !

Tuesday 13th

7am: 9.30 miles (575 foc) of which first 5 miles done in 29 min 50 secs and then the remainder at an average of 7 min miling exactly

Pm: Rest – lovely !

Wednesday 14th

12.30pm: 7.5 miles (504 foc) Progression run – my toughest circuit with lots of steep undulations but last 2 miles flat so picked pace up feeling strong…

6m 31.8
6m 11.9
5m 46.8
6m 01.2
5m 59.0
5m 03.9
4m 58.6

7.15 Pm: 4 miles (270 foc) “recovery run” @ 8 min miling (average pace) – just turned the legs

Thursday 15th

I don’t have days off but do run very easy to just turn legs and keep system ticking over nicely.

7am: 5.64 miles (446 foc) recovery run @ 8m 39 min/miling (average pace)
1pm: 3.12 miles (Treadmill) recovery run @ 9m 30 min /miling (average pace)

Friday 16th

12.40pm: 7 miles (129 foc) @ 7m 29 min/miling (average pace)

Pm: Rest – chomping at the bit now to start training !!

Saturday 17th

7.45am: 9.40 miles (473 foc) @ 6m 29 min/miling (average pace)
Did the first 7 miles at sub 6 min / miling

PM: rested

Sunday 18th

Ran with Ali Murray – clipped along nicely and felt strong !

8.10am: 15.08 miles (636 foc) @ 7m 03 min/miling

Pm: Rested

Felt strong for most of the week and nice to run on “feel”

Total for week: 72.03 miles
Total Training Time: 8hrs: 26 mins: 21 secs

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