FRA Teams (so far)

FRA Teams (so far)

(1) Lindsey Brindle
(2) Suzanne Budgett + Clare McKenna
(3) Josie Greenhalgh + Erica Booth
(4) Debbie Campbell

Senior Men
(1) Alastair Murray
(2) Ian Conroy + Chris Farrell
(3) Joe Mercer + Nick Leigh
(4) James Kevan

V40 Men
(1) Gareth Booth
(2) Dave Milliken + David Jackson
(3) Brendan Bolland + Andy Lloyd
(4) Martyn Bell

V50 Men
(1) Mick Green
(2) Gary Chadderton + Brian Walton
(3) Mark Seddon + Steve Jackson
(4) Doug Fleming.

Details of a reserve team to follow shortly.

If you’re planning a recce, mention it to your counterpart in the other teams.

Event details, including maps here :

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