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Welcome to the fell section of the Horwich RMI Harriers Athletics club.

The 2017 Senior Fell Championships

The 2017 senior fell championships for both ladies and men will be your best 7 from the follow 15 races, with at least one from each category. (Short, Medium and Long)

The points system is as follows: 30 points for 1st, down to 1 point for 30th.


Senior Fell Championships 2017
Date Category Race
19/03/17 BL Heptonstall*
15/04/17 BS Rivington Pike*
29/04/17 BM The Cake Race*
20/05/17 AM Buttermere Sailbeck
24/05/17 BS Fo(e) Edge*
08/06/17 BS Two Lads
11/06/17 BS Knowl Hill*
28/06/17 AS Eddie’s Revenge*
13/07/17 BS Bull Hill*
29/07/17 BM Turnslack*
20/08/17 AL Sedbergh Hills*
02/09/17 AM Grisedale Horseshoe*
08/10/17 BM Withins Skyline*
29/10/17 BM Bronte Way
18/11/17 AL Tour of Pendle


Horwich has been admitted to the Area Fell GP once again, and the races marked above by a * are the 11 races that make up the series. Full details can be found on the Area Fell GP website.

Don’t forget about the English and British Championships. As usual, the Mike Short Trophy will be awarded to the harrier achieving the highest position in the British Championships.


British Championships 2017
Date Category Race
08/04/17 S Donard Challenge
06/05/17 L Stuc a Chroin
17/06/17 M Tebay
12/08/17 M Maesgwm Muddle



English Championships 2017
Date Category Race
25/03/17 M Long Mynd Valleys
27/05/17 S Weets
17/06/17 M Tebay
08/07/17 L Wasdale
03/09/17 L Castle Carr
23/09/17 S Great Whernside


The 2015 Junior Fell Championships

The 2017 championships are slightly different than in the past in as much as it is going to be 8 races from the list of 12 which incorporates the English Junior Fell Champs and the English Schools Fell Champs along with four other popular races. The scoring system is changing also as usual 10 points for first Horwich junior then 9 points for second and so forth, there will be 3 bonus points for each English Champs race ran and a bonus of 5 points for the English Schools Championships. You can do more than eight races and drop your worst scores.This means our championship will run for 10 months and will give a more accurate view of the championship over a longer period with a two month break for holidays etc.


Junior Fell Championships 2017
Date Race
26/02/17 Ilkley Moor
25/03/17 Cock Howe (E)
01/04/17 West Nab (E)
15/05/17 Rivington Pike
22/04/17 Anniversary Wa (E)
01/05/17 Coiners (E)
14/05/17 Great Whernside Uphill (E)
21/05/17 Saddleworth (GM)
10/06/17 Rossendale (E)
24/09/17 Sedbergh (Eng Schools)
08/10/17 Withins Skyline
04/11/17 Shepherds Skyline


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