Training – Beginners Group

Road Group Training

The Summer Training Schedule has been put up online and shows all of the training sessions right through the summer – this year we have taken the step to move the meet up point for the group up to Rivington rather than Horwich Leisure Centre, we get to use Rivington, and get to run off road for the summer – traffic free, nice and scenic.

Link to meet up point

The summer training schedule has been planned around the using the most of the locations in Rivington, and over the course of the summer we will use as much of Rivington as we can, and there is not much repetition of location, and each session will be unique, not repeating the same session in the same location.

There have been some modiciations to the training schedule as well – less hills, more varied sessions, and a focus on fun sessions that cater for a wide ability range, whilst not ‘dumbing down’ for those who are looking to improve their pace.

We have worked hard to create what we think is a great summer schedule, and hope everyone will enjoy the summer – even if we do make you work hard in doing so 🙂



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