Beginner Group Track Sessions

Beginner Group Track Sessions

Summer schedule begins as the clocks go forwards, and we swap over to meeting on just the first Tuesday of the month at the Track, Bolton Arena.

Next Track session Tuesday 3rd April and then
each 1st Tuesday of the month…
1st May, 5th June, 3rd July, 7th August, 4th September, 2nd October

Bolton Arena with Reebok Stadium in background – Arena Approach Horwich, Bolton BL6 6LB, United Kingdom

Bolton Arena Sessions

For Bolton Arena you need to go to the athletics track at the back of the Arena; this is accessible through gates around the side of the Arena building and there is a pathway directly behind the Arena that leads down to the track; you should be able to follow the flood lights that are around the track.

There is a £2 charge per session that covers the cost of track hire; which you pay on the track itself and not at reception Рthere is a hut next to the track that has a signing in sheet and money box Рplease sign in as you arrive so that we do not have to chase for payment at the end of the session.

There are changing rooms available within the Arena if you wish to use them; enter through the main entrance, and go down the corridor to the left hand side and you will see Outdoor changing rooms along that corridor; continue down the corridor and there is an exit to the rear of the Arena to get to the track.

Car parking at the Arena is normally quite busy and you are probably best going to the right hand side of the Arena building where there is usually an overflow cark park opened on land between the Arena and the Police Station; the gate at the side of the Arena is normally unlocked, and you usually don’t have to walk around through the front of the Arena to get to the track.

Track Etiquate – this is common sense stuff, but there will be two or three other groups who use the track at the same time as we do, and so watch out for other runners if you cross the track, and only use the lanes that we have been assigned to.

Traditionally you run around the track anti-clockwise, but clockwise if you are warming up on the track.

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